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Vol. 1

i. Introduction

I. “In the Beginning…”

II. Synchronistic Webs

III. Daily Encounters

IV. Infinity’s Point

V. BodyTemple

VI. Observations

VII. Enlightenment

VIII. Alternatives

IX. The New Age Center

X. “At the End…”

Vol. 2

XI. Enlightenment Poems

XII. Worldly Concerns
E-mail Democracy or
   A Father's Son
   "Who are you, Ken?"
   The Sacred Sun; a.k.a., The
   The End of the Mayan
   5 AM


  1. To plan, to create in my mind, I love.
    Even better at times, is the manifestation of those designs.
    Participation in Creation, an internal joy!
    Planning/manifesting adds interest/meaning to my life.
    To live a longer life, to realize visions,
        a desire arises – yet without attachment.
  2. To acquire more land, more possibilities
        for the creative urge
    While knowing that nothing is added to me
        because of it.
    And, ultimately, letting go of it all – at death,
        maybe even before.
  3. Will a community arise? Let’s wait and see.
    For now, fasting/cleansing, retreats –
        spring, summer, and fall – add a new dimension.
    Even the Temple of Consciousness’ Dedication event
        excites to no end.
  4. Has Consciousness been pushing me to create
        the conditions within which Its desires may be fulfilled
        – or, was it my ego after all?
    Only time will tell.
    Perhaps my “good life” arises from the merits of
        my past life behaviors.1 Perhaps not.


  1. Many Mansions: The Edgar Cayce Story on Reincarnation, by Gina Germinara, pg 45.

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E-mail: Democracy or Plutocracy?

  1. To me from my son Jordan, an e-mail.
    Dad: “I want to do everything I can to defeat Bush!
        What do you think?”
    With wisdom, how to respond?1
  2. Years ago a book I read, The 12th Planet2
    My entire belief system it shook!
    Rule by Secrecy3 further rattled my thinking.
    Could all this be true?
    Then, the great mysteries: the pyramids, Stonehenge,
        Easter Island Statues, Peruvian Nazca lines
        The Flood, underground cities in Turkey, Plato
        on Atlantis4, Lemuria, the Sumerian and Egyptian
        Civilizations5, possible UFOs, the Mayan Calendars…
    To fit together, as a puzzle, how?
  3. Genesis (ch. 6, verses 1-4):
         “The sons of the gods
        saw that the daughters of men were beautiful
        and they married any of them they chose…
        The Nefilim were on the Earth in those days…
        and had children by them.”
    The Nefilim, the offspring of the interbreeding between
        the extraterrestrials (Elohim) and the daughters of men?
    Are these extraterrestrials human hybrids the
        Illuminati bloodline that rule the world?
    Did the Anunnaki (“those who from Heaven to Earth came”)
        give kingship – kin-ship – bloodline
         (divine right to rule) to the Nefilim?
    Is a non-human race controlling/manipulating
        humanity through a hybrid bloodline?
    The Da Vinci Code6 doesn’t go back far enough!
  4. Is there a long-planned agenda for the complete
        centralized control of the planet through a world
        government, central bank, currency, army and
        micro-chipped population connected to a global computer?
    Absurd? Or not? Read The Children of the Matrix7
        and come to your own conclusions.
  5. So… beat Bush? Vote for Kerry.8
    Is there ultimately a difference in light of the above books?
    Or, is it only “different factions within the Anunnaki/
        Illuminati at war with each other?9
  6. Established politics: Republicans versus Democrats
    Planet politics: Illuminati versus “we the people.”
    How know what to do, to say? But only AFTER
        reading The Children of the Matrix
    What, praytell, is the depth of human robotic conditioning10
  7. Am I insane or enlightened?
    Perhaps, insanely enlightened.
    To vote or not to vote? Does it really matter?11
    Depends on your Earthview!
    Can we ever know the truth – or is it always
        relative and personal?


  1. See Jordan’s poem on my 70th birthday, “70 Years of Wisdom, From ’71, Father to Son

  2. See Zecharia Sitchin, The 12th Planet. Also, see figure 10 below from Children of the Matrix, by David Icke, pg 49.

  3. See Rule by Secrecy, by Jim Marrs.

  4. See Figure 8 below from The Children of the Matrix, pg 39.

  5. See Figure 12 below from The Children of the Matrix, pg 58.

  6. See my poem “Codes Da Vinci,” especially footnote #5.

  7. By David Icke, 2001 (paperback).

  8. NYTimes: “The Nation: Sons of Yale; How Blue and Red Emerged From Old Blue” by John Tierney

  9. Shades of the half-brothers Enki-Enlil wars in the Sumerian clay tablets! Is one faction (the Enki faction) somewhat more benevolent? It appears that Enlil wanted to destroy humankind at the time of the Flood and Enki to save them; yet both wanted to be the primary ruler. See also, The Lost Book of Enki, by Zacharia Sitchin. For the most updated writing of Sitchin see The Earth Chronicles Expeditions: Journeys to the Mythical Past (April 2004).

  10. People believe what they want to believe; and, they gather evidence to support that belief.

  11. Do we really have a democracy? See the following article by Paul Krugman and Ken's clarification. USA and world for sale!

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NOTE: In honor of John Formicola's father, who transitioned recently.

A Father's Son

  1. John, by name
        through whom Devotion1 manifested Itself.
    A whirlwind busy bee
        to slow down was forced.
    Giving of his time, attention, and love
        to his greatly beloved father.
  2. Manys a time
        a breakfast or brunch we shared.
    John's father always joining in
        with stories of old,
    And, John, beaming
        his dad to behold.
    Such love rarely seen
        between a father and son.
    This Devotion I was blessed to experience.
  3. May father and son in mutual contact remain
        by piercing the veil between them
        and, both, feel the love within--
        always there--just awaiting recognition.


  1. Devotion is just one expression/aspect of the Infinite Unconditioned Consciousness.

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NOTE: I recently finished a FASCINATING book: Secrets in the Fields: The Science and Mysticism of Crop Circles, by Freddy Silva. Shortly thereafter I felt inspired to write a few lines.

Consciousness Communicates
(aka Crop Circle Language)

  1. Will mysteries never cease?
    Over 10,000 crop formations1 in 26 countries.
    Of design and complexity, increasingly esoteric.
    Lately, sacred geometry reigns
    While the messages, humans divine.
  2. Whence such circles/formations?
    By whom and how?
    Some say: atmospheric conditions2.
    Others: from Mother Earth, energies seeping upwards;
        Man-made (human ingenuity); extraterrestrials;
        Ascended masters/watchers/angles;
        Interdimensionals - using tubes/balls of light.
  3. Between hoaxed3 and genuine formations how discern?
    Inspect the bending stalks (still growing
        or crushed/snapped).
    Also, the perimeter walls (perfect "curtains"
        or a series of jerks/undulations).
    Floors, too, tell a tale (spiral shapes/floor layering
        which hoaxers can't duplicate).
    See the flattening process
        (plants left undamaged, unbruised, unbuckled;
        location of dislodged seeds differ).
    No signs of access/entry and magnetic readings galore.
    Takes 5-20 seconds to manifest versus
        man-made long hours in the dark, 11 pm - 3 am.
    soil is affected differently with genuine formations
    Electromagnetic frequencies negatively affect
        farm machinery/measuring instruments
    Molecular changes in crop circle plants manifested.
  4. The symbolic language of light4 spirals forth:
        Egyptian hieroglyphs, Egg of Life,
        Buddhist's symbolism, Mayan Sun glyph,
        vesica piscis, mathematical fractals,
        Ptolemy's Theorem of Chords,
        32 Paths of Wisdom in the Tree of Life,
        Seal of Solomon, Ten Words of God
        (aka, Pythagorean Tetractys),
        Mandelbrot Set, and more.
    Thus, cross-cultural, esoteric, heart language:
    Sounds/frequencies encoded5 also
        facilitating individual/collective consciousness changes,
    With crop circles energetically linked to
        ancient sacred sites/Earth's magnetic grid.
  5. For what purpose?
    The Circlemakers, our concept of reality, ask us to question.
    Preparing us to accept/develop a 4-D level of being
    Expanding our awareness, removing boundaries we place on reality
    Thus, greater consciousness seems the goal6.
  6. Such is the way of Unconditional Consciousness!
    We thank Thee for such beauteous language.


  1. The US reported 55 crop circles up to 1980; Canada, 44. More updated info forthcoming.
  2. Terence Maedeus' Atmospheric Vortex Theory.
  3. The "famous" Dough Bauer and Dave Chorley (Bratton incident) see ABC's Peter Jennings TV program. 1992 year of many hoaxes but in 1994 110 crop circles, featuring 60 new designs of complexity and magnitude that some skeptics found hard to ignore - six pictograms appearing/night.
  4. For exquisite details, see chapter 9, The Language of Light. See summary figures of Crop Circles (1970-2000) below.
  5. For an incredible amount of encoded sacred geometric diagrams, see chapter 10, The Geometry of Crop Circles, especially the Flower of Life as in The Emerald Tablets of Thoth (Hoaxes can't duplicate these sophisticated designs - their alignments are generally off!)
  6. Page 275: "There is a new code of understanding being transmitted. It is a blue-print of a new energy coding coming onto the planet." Moving from the "Age of Intellect" to the "Age of Spirituality" in 2012? Page 302: "...the crop circles relationship with the sacred sites and the interconnected energy grid reminds us that their original purpose was to facilitate a closer connection with other levels of reality, and in so doing, show us how to reawaken the spiritual temples within us and recognize that we need to be more accepting of Spirit." "Crop circles, like the paradoxes of Zen, are puzzles that cannot be totally solved by logic. To uncover their truth, an awareness, based on feeling has to be applied." Page 307: "..if warnings were not heeded and appropriate action not taken, so would global catastrophes escalate." "When these hints are ignored, cataclysms are used to wake people up, particularly those at the slowest vibratory levels." Page 309: Crop circles "are the mirrors of humanity, guiding us to reflect within, unlocking ancient memories and reminding us that we are not egocentric, but cosmocentric."
    NOTE: For more interesting details about the latest update information on crop circles, go to Hope you enjoy this visit!

Summary Figures of Crop Cirles (1970-2000)

Selected crop circles, 1970-1990.


Selection of pictogram crop circles from 1990.


Selection of crop circles from 1991. Second row: "insectograms."


Selectrion of crop circles from 1992-93.


Selected Crop Circles from 1994.

Selected Crop Circles of 1995.


Selected crop circles of 1996.


Selected crop circles of 1997.


Selected crop circles of 1998.


Selected crop circles of 1999.


Selected crop circles of 2000.

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NOTE: During a recent weekly two-hour "movement" group session with Dr. Ron Wish and eight participants, the following happened.

"Who are you, Ken?"

  1. For group support gratitude arising
        allowing emotional--not just intellectual--
        expression of my "divinity"
    Even though greatly embarrassed
        of appearing "different" fearful
        (spiritual elitism/pride?)
  2. Standing alone, awareness arises
    Heart hurting--constricted.
    Into heart breathing slowly, easy, deeply
    Relaxing chest.
  3. For each and all in group by name praying.
    Sudden realization: prayer is separation!
    So -- back to breath!
    Yet being attentive to breath, however subtle
    is also sensing separation.
    Back to "non-breathing"--breath practically imperceptible.

  4. In brain area, feeling heat/light.
    Brain cells being "rewired" sensing.
    Large white glowing descending,
    Slowly bathed in deep inner peace/joy.
  5. Just sensing/feeling it all!
    Ah, Oneness again!

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NOTE: On October 31, walking along the Nyack Hudson Riverpath with the Sun's rays in full force, inspiration arose.

The Sacred Sun a.k.a. The 144,000

  1. Delicious warmth,
    Clearest light,
    Uplifting sensations.
    More alive!
    Tanned skin,
    What a difference a Sunny day makes!!
  2. To see, easy
       why ancient folks the sun, worshipped.
    Sun-gods had1 the Egyptians, the Aztecs, the Maya.
       and the Incas.
    In fact, many, the Son of God, were called2
    Even "saviors."
    144,000 "saved/sealed?"3
    What does THAT MEAN?
    About these things have you thought?
  3. Consciousness in the forms of Tutankhamun, Lord Pascal, and Viracocha? With super-science of the sun? To Lord Jesus how related?


  1. The Tutankhamun Prophecies; and, The Lost Tomb of Viracocha both by Maurice Cotterell.
  2. The World's Sixteen Crucified Saviors, by K. Graves.
  3. From The Book of Revelation, by John, in the The New Testament.

    God's servants will be preserved

    Next I saw four angels, standing at the four corners of the earth, holding the four winds of the world back to keep them from blowing over the land or the, sea or in the trees. Then I saw another angel rising where the sun rises, carrying the seal of the living God; he called in a powerful voice to the four angels whose duty was to devastate land and sea, 'Wait before you do any damage on: land or at sea or to the trees, until we have put the seal on the foreheads of the, servants of our God'. Then I heard how many were sealed: a hundred and forty-four thousand,' out of all the tribes of Israel.

    From the tribe of Judah, twelve thousand had been sealed; from the tribe of Reuben, twelve thousand; from the tribe of Gad, twelve thousand; from the; tribe of Asher, twelve thousand; from the tribe of Naphtali, twelve thousand; from the tribe of Manasseh, twelve thousand; from the tribe of Simeon, twelve, thousand; from the tribe of Levi, twelve thousand; from the tribe of Issachar, twelve thousand; from the tribe of Zebulun, twelve thousand; from the tribe of Joseph, twelve thousand; and from the tribe of Benjamin, twelve thousand were sealed.

    The following is a different interpretation of what 144,000 means.

    The Devil's in the Detail

    Bruce Cathie's figure of 144,000 minutes of arc per second for the speed of light is even more revealing. If e = mC2, then when e moves across Einstein's equation, becoming m, the mathematical 'sign' (the predisposition of the mass) must be equal and opposite (a simple rule of algebra). This is to say that if God threw away plus 5 volts of positive energy, this would convert to minus 5 volts of mass. (Voltage levels are used here simply to accommodate an explanation of the principles involved.) The mass would always be attracted back to God because of the attracting nature of opposite polarities (just like north magnetic pole attracts south magnetic pole). This is why people throughout history have sought God. This means that if God is good (positive), mass must be bad (negative). Which means the physical world, and everything in it, must be bad, which means that this physical world we find ourselves in is actually hell.

    That this is so is supported by Cathie's figure of 144,000: 144,000 minutes of arc equals 6.66 revolutions of the earth. This means simply that light travels 6.66 times around the earth in one second (144,000 divided by 60 (minutes) divided by 360 (degrees) equals 6.66 revolutions). Which confirms that the earth, and everything on it (the physical world), must be the devil, the beast. 666 is the 'beast', spoken of by St John in Revelation, by Lord Pacal in the decoded Lid of Palenque, and by Tutankhamun in the treasures of his tomb. This means that the body is the devil, 666, and God, the soul, is light (144,000). Is it any surprise we find it difficult to love our neighbour? The body and the senses lead us into temptation. It is the body that 'desires'. Desire leads to frustration (not every desire can be fulfilled). This leads to anger, anger to delusion and delusion to destruction of the self, and others. The soul suffers for what the body desires and, during the next incarnation, the body suffers for what the soul has experienced.

    Cf: page 177, The Tutankhamun Prophecies

    Also, from The Last Tomb of Viracocha pages 164-161 we find the following:

    The answer to the second question is much more involved and, in the case of readers unfamiliar with The Supergods and The Tutankhamun Prophecies, cannot be understood without an introduction explaining. How the purification process works.

    I explained, in The Tutankhmnun Prophecies, how New Zealand researcher Bruce Cathie, dissatisfied with the inadequacy of Albert Einstein's figure of 300,000,000 metres per second for the speed of light, had recalculated the value taking into account recently discovered gravitational anomalies. His figure, calculated in any degrees (in recognition of light traveling over the surface of the globular earth rather than in metres per second along a straight line amounted to 144,000 minutes of arc per second. As we know, number, revered by the Supergods, represents the chosen few who will enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

    Bruce Cathie's discovery allows a new interpretation of the true meaning of the Supergod teachings: those who radiate light (144,000) from their foreheads, represent the chosen few who will enter Kingdom of Heaven.

    This is not new. Throughout history the nimbus, or halo, has identified the pure of spirit. Indian and Tibetan teachings maintain that the true mystic radiates light from the head. This is enabled through the sustained practice of intellectual meditation, which allows the endocrine centres within the body, the chakra centres, to reach equilibrium.

    Each chakra (Sanskrit for 'wheel') is likened to a flower with a specific number of petals corresponding to a particular vibration (figure 88b); the base chakra is centred on the adrenal gland located at the base of the spine. This controls the sympathetic (stimulating nervous system and is represented as a flower with 4 petals; the sacral chakra corresponds to the ovaries (testes in the male) release fertility hormones - 6 petals; the solar plexus chakra is the pancreas, which produces insulin and digestive juices - 10 petals; the heart chakra corresponds to the thymus located in the chest. This produces lymphatic tissue - 12 petals; the throat chakra refers to the thyroid (and parathyroid) glands in the lower throat region that produce iodine and regulate the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus – 16 petals, the brow charka, centred in the light-sensitive pineal gland, produces the timing hormone melatonin which regulates biorhythms and sexual activity - 96 petals; and the crown chakra, located deep within the pituitary (and hypothalamus) regions of the brain, control the entire endocrine system - 1,000 petals. When the chakra centres are balanced, the wheels are said to spin at their designed vibration. Energy then surges from the base chakra, up the spine, activating the pituitary, which radiates light (figure 88c). Esotericist Alice Bailey (1880-1949) has pointed out (A Treatise on White Magic) that the number of petals, of the lower 6 chakra centres, adds up to 144. When these lower 6 centres resonate, they act on the crown chakra (1,000 petals), producing, as a product, a vibrational resonance of 144,000, which corresponds to the vibrational resonance of light, a halo.

    See page 184 for more details on this.

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Note: Carl Johan Calleman's The Mayan Calendar; and, The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness, inspired the following.

The End of the Mayan Calendar?

  1. Twenty different calendars.
    A calendrical system.
    Yet 3 outstanding types: astrological,
        astronomical, plus tun-based1 and tzolkin,
        the last not based on physical phenomena,
        thus, calendars of the invisible universe!
    360 day cycles present the Divine Plan for the
        evolution of Consciousness.
    Books of Chilam Balam spell it out.
    The Maya lived in a universe of holy time.

  2. First Father raised the World Tree2
    Divine light passes through the Heavens
    The World Tree establishes the Four Directions.
    Wave-like alterations between dualistic (Darkness)
        and unitary (Light) Heavens the earth's creation field make up.
    The vibrations of the True Cross give energy to
        each of the Heavens, producing the GREAT CYCLE
        (3115 BC to 2011AD)3, the seven DAYS and
        six NIGHTS of Creation.
    The DAYS are new pulses of divine light favoring human
        creativity; the NIGHTS contain a severe reaction/
        much destruction/integration.

  3. The thirteen Heavens (7 DAYS and 6 NIGHTS of divine energy)
        create the Nine Underworlds (levels of consciousness)4
    Each level is twenty times shorter than the prior one,
        thus, time IS speeding up!
    Presently we are in the Galactic Cycle
        (Jan 5, l999-Oct 28, 2011)
        with its respective 7 days/6 nights
    Only the last, the Universal Cycle remains
        (Feb 11,20122-Oct28,2011)5
  4. Of the Galactic Cycle:
    DAY 4: East Asia and China take the role of the
        world's economic engine to the detriment of the
        power of the dollar and pound.6
    DAY 5: some kind of collapse of the international
        monetary system.
    NIGHT 5: (Nov 18,2007-Nov 12, 2008)
        "Last desperate attempts of the West and power
        hierarchies based on materialism to remain in
        control and strengthen their power in some new
        oppressive way"

  5. What means the "end of the Mayan Calendar?"
    Many interpretations, much disagreement.
    Here's Calleman's position: THE END OF DOMINANCE!
        at all levels of human relations.
    The new frame of consciousness will balance
        that of the old--rationality, materialism, Western
        rule of the world.
    Thus, fostering intuitive alternatives and a holistic
        worldview, bringing peace/wholeness to the
        global community.

  6. Finally, the nine-month Universal Cycle (supramental level
        consciousness) dissolves the veils separating
        humans from the divine.
    Dualistic thinking yields to unitary consciousness
        and a new species of humans emerges.
    "The enlightened world can only emerge out of
        a series of transformation pulses, including
        periods of destruction, such as the fifth NIGHT."

  7. Therefore, not only PERSONAL enlightenment--
        awakening, liberation--but FINALLY, PLANETARY
        enlightenment will occur.
    Consciousness reigns supreme!!!

  8. Most of 7 above is deceptive. Why?
    See: This Is It: The Nature of Oneness,
        by Jan Kersschot
    There is no such thing as personal enlightenment.
    For there is only "Unicity" happening; awakening
        is impersonal--there is no "you," for the person
        is but a concept in the mind.
    "You" are a phantom, an illusion, a ghost,
        an actor in a movie.

  9. "There is no such thing as a spiritual path!
    Liberation is just a melting into what is.
    For there is only one Awareness and we are all That.
    All there is is present awareness.
    All there is is Beingness in which everything
        is appearing.
    Is this suicide for the spiritual seeker?
    So. . . is it nothing awakening to everything?
    "It is no-one realizing nothingness and this
        nothingness is witnessing life happening.
    We are beings that have forgotten we ARE being.
    We are Oneness/Beingness in disguise!
    All we (who?) can do is lose our own non-existence,"
    No longer seeking, just "expressing!"
  10. Thus, "awakening (enlightenment) is the recognition
        of the openness of the newborn; the discovery of the
        impersonal quality of our true nature; the open
        attention of undivided Beingness."

    So, here's Ken's (who?) interpretation of the end of
    the Mayan calendar: THE END OF SEEKING!


  1. The Classical Maya predominantly used the sun-based calendrical system, for with its use, "we may develop an awareness of consciousness, a meta-consciousness, which will allow us to understand the factors underlying the evolution of consciousness. The tun is a unit by means of which we may return to divine time governed by the frequencies of the invisible universe."
  2. The World Tree is a symbol for the Invisible True Cross in the invisible universe, the primary generator of Creation.
  3. The following table consists of 13 baktuns (13 periods of 394 solar years ) which comprise the GREAT CYCLE.

  4. The following figure well summarizes these thoughts.

  5. Click here for detailed information on what's possibly headed our way: "A New Phase is Beginning in the Cosmic Time Plan as of Dec. 4, 2004: The Transformation of Consciousness will really take off" by Carl Johan Calleman.
  6. Recent information concerning this thought.

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5 AM

1.   Up early, gazing out the large window
Onto the virgin pure white snow.
The brilliant Moon now seeing
Its light dancing on the snow surface,
As billions of glowing stars.
While shifting body positions, new star
    galaxies appear.
How wondrous is Life!

2.   On this morn, clear beyond clear,
Focusing on the Moon--a second Moon
    appears slightly below; and, then
    behold:  appears a third Moon!
Possible is all this?
But wait, a beam of light as wide as
    the Moon itself,
Down to our beloved planet comes shooting,
Upon which sight,  what joy arises!
Yet more, another beam of light,
    now horizontal,
    the blessed Cross of Light forms
    with Sister Moon at its center.

3.   Imagination or unrevealed reality?
Or, maybe a trick of the glass itself?
A poetic fancy or airy mystical flight?
My capacity for self-deception
    has surely never been complete!
But what does it matter?
Wondrous Joy remains.

4.   An insight!  It's Nature, in its pristine beauty,
    to this mountain-top that draws me.
Away from how humans seem to fuck it all up
    with their power, greed, unconsciousness, poverty
    and violence.
Away to the mountain-top--once in a while, at least.

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