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  Vol.2  XI. Enlightenment Poems  


Vol. 1

i. Introduction

I. “In the Beginning…”

II. Synchronistic Webs

III. Daily Encounters

IV. Infinity’s Point

V. BodyTemple

VI. Observations

VII. Enlightenment

VIII. Alternatives

IX. The New Age Center

X. “At the End…”

Vol. 2

XI. Enlightenment Poems
   Culmination of the New
      Age Movement
   To Be in the World But Not
      Of It
   From "Do-ing" to "Be-ing"
   To see God in All Things
Imperfect Perfection

XII. Worldly Concerns

On Dec.22, in our men's group, the following experience arose.


  1. Lying down, sole to sole touching.
    Deep releasing occurring.
    No-thought spaciousness arising.
    Energies exchanging.
    Or, is it soul to soul?
    That is, our inner essence sharing?

  2. Boundaries disappearing.
    Background purple field of Beingness, in mind's eye
        to forefront expanding.
    Then a circle of hands forming, the symbol
        of wholeness, a pointer to Oneness.1
    The separate "I" dissolving,
        as in death, in the Void,
        the energies merging2
    Silence reigning, Presence felt.

  3. Perceptions transformed.
    I meet myself in the form of others3
    Yet even the "I" is no longer.
    There's just Absolute Being.
    The end of the illusion of separation.
    Just Unconditional Love.

  4. Ending: hands releasing, feet apart.
    Separateness apparently happens.
    All that remains is the One Constant Lover4
    The end of seeking appears.


  1. See This Is It: The Nature of Oneness, by Jan Kersschot.
  2. Some years ago I read some teachings by Drunvalo Melchizedek and couldn't accept them. After this experience I find it easier to understand such teachings. From The Ancient Secret of The Flower of Life, Vol. 1: "32 members from Sirius B--16 males and 16 females who were married into a single family--understanding that all things are light, lay down, alternating male and female, facing upward with their heads toward the center of a circle with a white-blue flame (the flower of life) conceived, or merged into the flame or ovum of the Nefilim in order to create a new race on Earth (humans). Comes from pages 86-87.
  3. See Invitation To Awaken: Embracing Our Natural State of Presence, by Tony Parsons.
  4. See Inner Directions Publishing. This nonprofit organization is dedicated to exploring self-discovery and awakening to one's essential nature. Their publications communicate the immediacy of THAT which is eternal and infinite within us: the nondualistic ground from which religions and spiritual traditions arise. See a great list of books, videos and audios on their website.

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Culmination of the New Age Movement?
A Bibliographical Poem

  1. My path: The Way of the Peaceful Warrior1
    A path to Spiritual Enlightenment2
    But, which kind? Spiritually Incorrect Enlightenment3
    Awareness4 of my onion-layered being
    Thus, From Onions To Pearls5
    Peeling away the layers
    Till: From Seekers To Finders6

  2. What, pray tell, is a Finder, an enlightened being?
    Well: This Is It7 Just As It Is: The Open Secret of
        Spiritual Awakening8
    So....I offer you An Invitation To Awaken9
    Awakening To The Dream10, with Radical Awakening:
        Cutting Through the Conditioned Mind11
    To Be And Not To Be12, that is the answer!
    Acceptance of What Is13 equals The Power of Now14

  3. Could this NONDUALISTIC TEACHING be the
        culmination of the New Age Movement,
        the end of the Mayan Calendar,
        The Silence of the Heart15,
        by realizing, I AM THAT?16
  4. Such wonderful books!!

Footnotes: subtitles/authors

  1. by Dan Millman
  2. The Damnedest Thing, by Jed McKenna
  3. by Jed McKenna
  4. The Perils and Opportunities of Reality, by Anthony De Mello, S.J.
  5. A Journal of Awakening and Deliverance, by Satyam Nadeen
  6. The Myth and Reality about Enlightenment, by Satyam Nadeen
  7. The Nature of Oneness, by Jan Kersschot
  8. by Tony Parsons
  9. Embracing our Natural State of Presence, by Tony Parsons
  10. by L. Harding
  11. by Stephen Jourdain
  12. by Douglas Harding
  13. A Book About Nothing, by Wayne Liquorman
  14. A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment, by Eckhart Tolle
  15. Vols.1 and 2, by Robert Adams
  16. Talks with Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, ed. by Sudhakar Dikshit

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To Be in the World But Not Of It

  1. Traditionally: seek spiritual, not materialistic, values.
  2. Mystically: See the world for the illusion it is.
    View the world as a dream, a divine play,
    of Oneness (aka. Consciousness).
    Seek the divine essence in everything
       (even so-called evil).
    That is, experience the underlying Field of
       Energy--the Ground--that holds ALL things
       together in physical manifestation.
  3. Not heaven AFTER death
    But live heaven, here and now, on Earth1
    The Eternal is now.
  4. Be an ambassador of the concept of Oneness
    But, more importantly, demonstrate THAT  in your
       illusory personhood activities.
    As the ego decreases, the Presence of Oneness increases.
  5. Such is Oneness2
    "Love entails clarity of perception, objectivity;
    there is nothing so clear-sighted as love."


  1. Plato: the unexamined (unaware) life is not worth living. Ken: the unlived life is also worthless, or so it seems.
  2. See Jesus and the Lost Goddess: The Secret Teachings of the Original Christians, by Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy, especially chps 4,7 and 8. Also, see poem titled: "Culmination of the New Age Movement?"

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NOTE: After reading In The Dark Places of Wisdom, by Peter Kingsley, a few words arose.

From "Do-ing" to "Be-ing"

  1. After reading/studying/absorbing books
    from "Culmination of the New Age Movement?"1
    Now, less reactive, more peaceful, less judgmental.
    More trusting in "voices/intuition,"
    more synchronicity, more unicity2
    More awareness, less disappointed,
    less frustration, tension.
  2. Fewer expectations, more self-healing.
    Yet, still reading/studying/experiencing
    even though everything needed is inside.
    But what price to pay?
    Willingness to be transformed: to live
    my ordeals, sufferings, transformations
    (daily deaths/resurrections)
    Without identifying with them
    Slowly seeing Paradise on earth.
  3. The Point of Infinity is a school of Oneness3
    A secret Pythagorean mystical space.4
    No more temporary substitutes,
    no more hollowness inside!
    Learn how to die before you die!5
  4. What is the longing in your heart?
    There's nowhere to go to find fulfillment.
    Face, we must, the ultimate terror/fear.
    Which hell melts into the place of UTTER STILLNESS.
  5. Understand Parmenides from Velia,
    understand the revisionistic past,
    Plato's heroes, not logical philosophers,
    but MYSTICS!


  1. Click here for prior poem, "Culmination of the New Age Movement?"
  2. Click here for poem, "Unicity."
  3. Click here for Updated Vision of Point of Infinity
  4. Click here for information on our Secret Pythagorean Mystical School.
  5. Click here for Suggested Deathwork Practice

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  1. Practicing Deathwork(1)
    Ideas, visions, creativity arising.
    Conflict: to get up and DO!
    But, stay with "TO BE"
    Experiencing just "being," detaching from "doing"
  2. Will I jump out of my skin?
    Need to release sounds--can't stand the energy,
    the gratitude, the "grace!"
    For me,"to be" is much harder than "to do."
  3. Yet, it's delicious to travel the road of death
    while still alive!


  1. Deathwork is my personal self-healing practice which I found confirmed in Peter Kingsley's book, In The Dark Places of Wisdom. Three cheers for Pythagoras and Parmenides!
  2. Click here for a description of the practice: basically lying down motionless, imperceptibly breathing for hours. This work is similiar to my Zen of Deep Relaxation workshops.

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NOTE: While reading Radical Awakening: Cutting Through the Conditioned Mind: Dialogues with Stephen Jourdain, ed. by Gilles Farcet, some inspiration presented itself as a summary of Stephen's experience.

To See God in All Things

  1. What, pray-tell does this mean?
    Many possibilities--here's another.
    No prior ashram, school, or teaching
       structure Stephen had--but at 16
       "the Rupture" happened.
  2. A miracle: two completely different things can be
       truly joined (fusion-like), while each, at the same
       time, its original nature maintains.
    Not the abolition of duality, but rather
       the sudden appearance of a unity in the
       heart of duality.
  3. Duality can be healthy (simple, legitimate, real, divine)
    Or, may be unhealthy (falsified, corrupt, unreal)
    Before enlightenment, unhealthy duality.
    After enlightenment, healthy duality.
    Two sources of duality are established:
       -legitimate, non-personal (no-ego), an impersonal creation
       -polluted at birth (falsifies everything at once),
       the counterfeit interior/exterior arises.
  4. If illusion appears, don't suppress the illusion;
       better to confront yourself in your illusion.
    Thus, touch the essence of the essence of all things.
    Awake to an INFINITE VALUE in your innermost center.
    From your spiritual essence DISCERNMENT,
       disidentification brings about.
    And only INFINITE VALUE exists,
       unjustifiably, mysteriously and gratuitously.
  5. The unhealthy from the healthy duality the
       awakening separates.
    My psychological being annihilated is reborn
       into healthy duality.
    The falsified Other dies in the hallucination,
       while the Other from the legitimate source resurges.
    Nothing changed, everything changed.
    Body/spirit lost, yet reincorporated again.
  6. With enlightenment, see through the hallucination.
    After enlightenment, still in the hallucination yet
       see self as a puppet.
    The only real event in human existence is this,
       an absolute non-event.
    Thus, there is a God as being and a God as nothingness.
    Only through the son, through one's humanity,
       does one attain God.
    Something absolutely sacred is recognized in all of life,
       see The Divine in all things.
  7. So, compassion? Work for a better dream.
    But, ultimately, question the dream itself.
    Thus, radical awakening perceives the hallucinatory
       nature/fundamental unreality of this world.
    "It's when awakening ITSELF is no longer perceived
       as an objective substratum that I am free.
    In reality, I am alone on the journey."


  8. In sum, "before awakening, I was my identity, that of an
       inner subject who thought this or that,
       after awakening, I was without identity and the
       dream dissolved.
    The more I am me, the more I am everyone else.
    And INFINITE VALUE (God) is seen in ALL things.
  9. What a delicious book!
    A book worth chewing on!
    Yet, the "Practical Work"1 suggested
    To mine eye seems daunting.


  1.  See pages 167-171, and 181-183,"The Fundamental Delusion."

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NOTE: At the Point of Infinity the other day, Ralph asked me: "Are you enlightened?" I stuttered and grew silent. "Wow, I've never seen you without words," said Ralph. My belated response follows.

Imperfect Perfection

  1. In this perfect world of imperfection,
    I am Love and Strife Itself1
    My nature is to expand/question Itself,
       to share Itself with All
       in whom I come into contact.
  2. As, Socrates, my adopted middle name,
    I only ask questions,
    And more questions.
    So that, ultimately, we "wake up"
       and discover our own divinity.
    For we are immortal, gods!
    Thus, I2 assist3 in freeing4 you from yourself.
    I ache for us to become conscious,
    As does everything we can perceive.
  3. In short, I am a bald-headed, white-bearded
       prophet, for some who are ready.
    Not to offer more factual information
       but to help us save our souls.5
    Am I not just human
       pointing to what lies beyond the human?
    As human and god, I am a paradox.
    So, too, are you.
    What a glorious joke!
    Only laughter seems appropriate.
  4. Remember: thought cannot lead us beyond thought.
    One can't find reality through argument and reason.
  5. Once beyond thought, through incubation,6
    See this perceived world as illusion.
    Yet function in it AS IF it's real.
    Seemingly bound yet inwardly free.
    Act bewitched.
    Play a "human" performance
    Yet follow rules of this illusory
       ocean of existence.
    Finally, there is nothing left to learn7
  6. Such is undeception.
    See through falsified duality--
       remembering legitimate duality.8
    That is, experience the One in the multitude,
    The same ESSENCE in its infinite forms.
    Thus, "everything visible has become transparent,
       a pointer to the invisible.
    So, "our sense perceptions command us to perceive--
       and see the invisible in the visible,
       to stay present, to be awake."
    So that the seed (source) planted within can bloom.
  7. Nothing is as it seems
    The myth of human existence is exploded!
    Everything is inside us.


  1. See Empedocles's sacred poem and its interpretation in Reality, by Peter Kingsley, pp. 318 on.
  2. And who is this "I"?
  3. I can only help in preparing the ground for any real esoteric teaching, leading to direct personal experience. Additionally, not Love, but Strife, leads the way back home--therefore I assist in providing Stife, by asking endless questions and feeding back your body/mind responses helping to answer the "call of the soul." Most people are in love with Love; I am in love with Strife.
  4. It is through the knowledge only found at the other side of life as we know it that we can be FREE from the magical, illusory grip of this world of senses. See: and click onto The Mystical Fellowship; and, also read Reality, by Peter Kingsley.
  5. "What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world, but loses his soul? And, the physical substance of the immortal soul is, of course, "aithęr," one of the four elements, the element of our immortality and pure divinity.
  6. See website in #4 above.
  7. "And there is nothing left to learn not because you know everything but, on the contrary, because you can at last afford to relax and know nothing -- in the quiet knowledge that whatever needs to be known will make itself known to you at the appropriate moment. There is nothing left to learn, nothing else to go after anymore, because the mind goes quite silent and still in the awe of realizing it will never be able to understand even the tiniest fraction of what has just been given," page 531 of Reality.
  8. See poem, "To See God in All Things," in website above, click onto Spiritual Poetry.

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