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  V. BodyTemple  


i. Introduction

I. “In the Beginning…”

II. Synchronistic Webs

III. Daily Encounters

IV. Infinity’s Point

V. BodyTemple
    To Grasp or Not to Grasp?
    Peeling the Onion
    Gestalt Therapy: Awareness Supreme
    Sculptor of Persons
    Consciousness as Healer
    The Goddess Appears
    The Fountain of Youth

VI. Observations

VII. Enlightenment

VIII. Alternatives

IX. The New Age Center

X. “At the End…”

Vol. 2

XI. Enlightenment Poems

XII. Worldly Concerns

NOTE: After some bodywork sessions with Dr. Ron Wish (Cranio-sacral), Ginny Flint (Deep Tissue), Neil Borodkin (acupressure/acupuncture), Dr. Jim Martin (Chiropractor/Healer) and Brian Dobbs (Thai Bodywork), the following sensations emerged.


  1. Golden hands, Clear channels.
    Energy pouring through.
    Striking innumerable bodily resistances.
    Struggling to flow through
        and open closed pathways,
        clogged by past/present trauma.

  2. Spirit manifesting in the body.
    Calls forth BodyWork1 on various levels.
    Desirous of liberation from stuck matter.
    Alignment of bone structure opens pathways.

  3. Sending multiple Light colors of all shades.
    To shed brightness on the dark areas of
        clinging repression.
    Willing another opening, another opening...

  4. The body releases, relaxes, unwinds
    deep-rooted knots of emotional pain.
    Wave after wave, unending.
    Till inner integration appears time and again.
    Progressing toward the ultimate opening
        of the heart;
        wherein Spirit dwells.
    All the cells and organs rejoice,
    Filled with unspeakable gratitude,
    Consciousness has manifested Itself once again!


  1. See From Seekers to Finders, by Satyam Nadeen, pg. 105 where he reports on Dr.  John Veltheim's "BodyTalk" process for healing any and all aliments known. Veltheim uses the same inner wisdom of Source-in-appearance to heal the physical and emotional body that Nadeen uses to heal the apparent separation between man's mind and Oneness.
    Another similarity is the "inner heat" Buddhist practice of not only staying warm in caves, but also as a means to disentangle subtle nervous obstructions, or "knots", that keep us locked in a spasm of self-centered delusion.

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NOTE: After reading Toward a Psychology of Awakening, by John Welwood, the following emerged:

To Grasp or Not to Grasp?

  1. As a newborn, necessary is grasping,
    An ego/personality to create.
    Constructing security, stability, solidity,
    A fabricated self in-the-making.
    Survival is all.

  2. Throughout life, the mind's grasping
    Identifies with thoughts, feelings, emotions.
    Not overcoming the existential despair, the void,
    Gripping all who see only meaninglessness,
        especially death facing.
    The conventional self hangs on,
        trapping us in false consciousness,
        believing in the solidity of the self-created identity.
    Beneath the surface, fear and trembling,
        ontological anxiety, reigns.
    How face it?

  3. Non-grasping.
    No substitute filling of the void,
        but entering it more deeply.
    In meditation, experiencing the self as illusory.
    The fabricated identity real can never be,
    Based on extrinsic identifications, as it is.
    Rather, total openness/beginner's mind.1
        with depth-meditation, the open ground of our being
        where awareness/peace dwells, reveals.
    A path beyond existential despair.

  4. Not-knowing, rather than knowing
        is the key.
    Dangling at the edge of unknowing.
    Practicing unconditional presence
        authentic experience and knowingness yields,
        thereby promoting genuine healing,
        by seeing and feeling contractions
        that our body and world relations impact.
    Allow yourself to have your experience just as it is.
    And see what happens.

  5. A Greater gift than this, no one can give.
    Realizing the Buddha-nature2 after all.


  1. Beginner's mind: seeing freshly, without fixed ideas/concepts/interpretations.
  2. Buddha-nature: an essential clarity, transparency, and warmth intrinsic to human consciousness; what it means to be human: vulnerable, kind, gentle.

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NOTE: Yesterday I had an one and three-quarters hour session with Dr. Ron Wish. How to describe the incredible experience? Maybe the following captures some tidbits.

Peeling The Onion

  1. Peeling off layer after layer.
    Each with its own story
    How to peel? Many are the ways.
    One follows

  2. Enter no-mind state
    Focus on the body
    Allow energy to make its moves
    Witnessing/observing every nuance
    Breathing into areas of contraction
        energy flowing through
    Cells, nerves popping, heat arising,
        contractions melting
    Rejuvenation occurring

  3. Thoughts/emotions emerging--floating away
    Only body consciousness left.
    Images springing forth1.
    The invisible, immaterial manifesting in body
        with physical releases
    "Spiritbirthing" happening.

  4. Wrists and ankles snap into alignment
    Hips adjust, the skull expands.
    Stingingly, the eyes let go.
    The opening heart pleasantly hurts.
    Tears of gratitude--to Spirit, to body.

  5. What remains?--awareness of Awareness
    Then the one aware lets go
    and only Awareness Itself is present3.
    Transfiguration--personal illumination2.
    Light emerging, and descending
    Filled and surrounded by Light
    Stay here forever!

  6. Without the bodytemple, how touch Spirit?


  1. Three images arose: As a Tibetan monk lying on my deathbed with monks walking around my body ringing bells; next, I was lying in the sarcophagus of the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid being penetrated by starlight energy; lastly, on Mount Tabor, with Jesus, my body "experienced" a "transfiguration" of Light. How wonderful is the imagination! No wonder the thought of leaving never arose.
  2. See Beyond Belief: The Secret Gospel of Thomas, by Elaine Pagels.
  3. Actually, Awareness is becoming aware of  Itself, i.e., "absolute subjectivity meets absolute subjectivity by appearing to itself in separate forms." "We cannot experience the witness within others any more than we can experience the witness within ourselves. It is the absolute Mystery," from Jesus and the Lost Goddess, by Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy.

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NOTE: I began my training as a Gestalt Therapist in 1976 at the Gestalt Center of Long Island, headed by Jerry Gold.

Gestalt Therapy: Awareness Supreme

  1. A present-centered therapy
    Experimental, experiential experiences
    Peeling off mental/emotional/physical layers
    Constantly probing to further depths
    Reaching "aha" integrations

  2. Dark Nights of the Soul presenting themselves
    Named "Impasse" in Gestalt,
        more accurately, "the death layer"
    Dying to false mental identifications
        while experiencing dread, terror, potential insecurity
    More secure with the familiar
    Worth the risk to uncover the unfamiliar?
    To peel or not to peel?
    That is the authenticity question
    Fear and trembling arise

  3. "Go through it (the impasse)," says Perls'
    Die to the false self
    Go into the "nothingness", the "void" --
    "No-thing-ness" is the essence of you
    The Presence of Now
    The Stillness within
    Aware of Awareness

  4. Gestalt Therapy, one methodology
        of entering the no-mind realm
    As Perls said, "Lose your mind and
        come to your senses!"

  5. Gratitude arising to Consciousness through Fritz1

1. Fritz Perls, The founder of Gestalt Therapy

The Gestalt Prayer

I do my thing, and you do your thing.
I am not in this world to live up to your expectations
And you are not in this world to live up to mine.
You are you, I am I.
And if by chance, we find each other, it's beautiful,
If no, it can't be helped.

Fritz Perls

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NOTE: I spent a glorious weekend with 10 other seekers where Grace knocked on the door.

A Sculptor of Persons

  1. Wherever I go,
    Whomever I meet,
    Opportunities present themselves
        to practice unconditional presence with others
    To my life bringing more presence
    Allowing Presence Itself to be manifested once again.

  2. To be aware/open, sensing the moment of Grace
        presenting Itself in the other
    Calling out for visible manifestation
        so self and other, urge to merge, arises.
    Feeling the potentiality begging to be actualized
    Thankfully accepting the instrumentality.
    Miraculous tools Gestalt provides
        of presence-centeredness orientation.
    Birthing the implicit design to explicit form.

  3. How deliciously beautiful is the final shape
        of each encounter!
    More qualities of the original Buddha-nature
        being revealed!

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Consciousness as Healer

  1. Attending to ever-present Consciousness
    What follows?

  2. The blind see with the Eye of Consciousness
    The deaf hear the Voice of Stillness
    The lame walk on the Consciousness Path
    The dead awaken to Witnessing

  3. Light illuminates the dark
    Awakening the senses to experience
        the sacred geometries of forms
        and hear their musical overtones

  4. Yet, beyond all this
    The Void's embrace fulfills all
    Are you ready?

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NOTE: Another session with Dr. Ron Wish. Hugs to him!

The Goddess Appears

  1. Stomach problems, bloating, stuckness manifested.
    Hamstring tight/lower back "holding on."
    Entering the stomach an ominous dark black hole.
    Alone and anxious.
    Purple appears behind the eyes.

  2. Moving more deeply into the "hole."
    Fear of loss of individuality, of merging into ...?
    Holding back in the lower back.
    At the bottom of the spine, a pool emerges
        with cerebral-spinal fluid activated.
    Into whom is my energy merging?
    Suddenly-experiential insight: the feminine aspect
        of Primal Energy.
        - Goddess, "Sophia," Isis arise1.

  3. With loud gurgling noises releases the stomach.
    Flatulence arises, again and again.
    Hamstrings feel tingling energy moving through.
    Letting go followed by deeper letting gos -
        stretching like a cat.
    Arms moving, wrists adjusting - hands with
        cat's claws metamorphosing.
    Thought arises: "how stupid not to realize this before" -
        yet without identifying with it2.
    A significant shift felt!
    Stomach ceaselessly releasing.
    The Goddess appears!3

  4. No need to see a gastroenterologist!


  1. Is this Kundalini energy or that of Shekinah (female deity, consort of male deity, Yahweh)?
  2. No-personal reactions to this natural biological reaction!
  3. Realization: The Goddess energy was locked into my stomach/lower back and hamstrings.
    NOTE: Afterwards, in the car, looking in minor, face glowing, younger appearance, peace abounds. Lengthy urination/more flatulence - sure signs of healing!
    Later, a colonic treatment completed the healing!

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NOTE: A description of another of Dr. Wish's healing sessions.


  1. After the Enlightenment Shift, Deliverance comes.1
    Progressive healing.
    Breaking through stuck bodily/emotional resistances.
    How so?

  2. A prayer the process starts: To Consciousness -
        "Let me experience Your Energy DIRECTLY in today's session."
    My body soft and quite flexible right now.
    Sensations in various areas: energy pouring in.
    Distant parts interconnected: left toe being invigorated
        while right ear opens up simultaneously
    Electric zigzags running up/down lower spine
        as my stomach its "holding" areas dissolves.
    (Ron: Your nervous system is releasing!)
    A voice is heard: "This is my beloved son in
        whom I'm well pleased."
    Gratitude floods my being as I feel
        recognized/appreciated for whatever my life's work is.
    Progressively, deeper and deeper relaxation
        ever more subtle layers experiencing:
    Gigantic field of purple absorbing my being -
        delicious to the extreme.

  3. Ron: Ask - Who is it that speaks?
    After silence, "I am the Mysterious One."

  4. The contact with one subtle body leads to the
        next subtle body - totally thoughtless!
    My forehead/skull/brain RELEASING/RELAXING
    How pleasant!
    More bodily dissolvements - microscopically specific.
    Ken: "It feels as though my DNA2 is being activated/
        expanded/rejuvenated - as though I am getting younger!"
    Mere words are inadequate to express the experiencing.
    Only one who has had the same experience can know.

  5. Prayer answered: The Spirit of Primal Energy
        graces my being as I finally understand/experience
        at length the Rapture.4 The Gnosis!


  1. For explanations of Shift and Deliverance, see page 47, "poem" Nadeen", in Confessions of an Ex-Jesuit.

  2. For example, see:
    - Go up and Seek God: The Onion Healing Technique and the 12-Strand DNA Technique; and, Go up and Work with God, both by Vianna Stibal
    - Change your DNA, Change Your Life (formerly DNA Healing Techniques), by Robert Gerard
    - The Power of Twelve: A New Approach to Personal Development, by Anne Brewer - see especially pp. V-XIX for Zecharua Sitchin's thesis on the genetic creation of homo sapiens.

  3. See the poem "The Gnostic Jesus."

  4. See footnote # 1, Rapture explained.

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The Fountain of Youth

  1. In sunny Florida, two weeks.
    Inexpensive clean apartment on the canal,
        one block from the ocean/beach.
    A fasting retreat to begin.

  2. A neti pot the nasal passages to cleanse.
    A series of deep tissue massages,
        by some colonic treatments followed.
    However, colon cleansing1 products before.
    Liver flush2 a necessity is.

  3. Water preferable, or fresh veggie juice3
        and periodic watermelon supports.
    Bragg's Liquid Aminos in water helps.
    Decaffeinated tea the boredom breaks.

  4. Relaxing, walking, jogging, paddle ball
        the body/spirit nourishes
    Yoga/stretching/deep relaxation is the way.
    Spiritual reading/sunbathing refreshes.
    Early meditation on ocean shore delights.
    Perhaps a kayak cruise on the canal?

  5. The whole Gestalt is the key: a restoring fasting vacation
        built on Awareness, Silence, Stillness and,
        Consciousness, of course.


  1. Besides the basic fasting retreat discussed below, two other aspects of the Fountain of Youth Program are a) Ginny Flint's Intuitive Bodywork and, b) Dr. Ron Wish's Cranio-sacral treatments. Of course, the self healing method of the Zen of Deep Relaxation in another and less costly!
  2. For example, Sonne #7 and #9.
  3. The famous phosphoris/olive oil cleanse.
  4. A strained broth of vegetables: carrots, potatoes, beets and celery - no bulk!

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