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  II. Synchronistic Webs  


i. Introduction

I. “In the Beginning…”

II. Synchronistic Webs
    John Jordan
    Erin Elizabeth
    My Wife’s Wedding Dress
    An Answer to My Brother
    My Friend John
    My Webmaster

III. Daily Encounters

IV. Infinity’s Point

V. BodyTemple

VI. Observations

VII. Enlightenment

VIII. Alternatives

IX. The New Age Center

X. “At the End…”

Vol. 2

XI. Enlightenment Poems

XII. Worldly Concerns

NOTE: Thirteen years of celibacy was trying, to say the least. Finally children entered the picture; A Son (Jordan) and a daughter (Erin).

John Jordan

  1. The first-born extension of me.
    A package of energy, forever curious.
    Athletes united, together we played,
    Who would win and how?
    Life was fun.

  2. A high school newspaper editor was he.
    Friends were many--all true.
    Maturity slowly emerged.
    To what end?

  3. After U. of Mass, the Peace Corps joined.
    Africa was the destination.
    To survive, a zen-like attitude was required.
    A proud father he made me.

  4. Read every book I gave him.
    Well-balanced, creative--an excellent listener--
        with profound depth.
    A good friend, a great son!

  5. Acción, a non-profit lending company
        he leads to help others.
    To Peru and Bolivia he now travels.
    Enjoys sweatlodges and in yoga delights.
    What next? Where next?

  6. Such is Consciousness in the form of Jordan.
    I can hardly wait to see it unfold.

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Erin Elizabeth

  1. Natural birth produced a miracle.
    Vivacious at five.
    From me, nightly before sleep, to her:
    "Do you know how much I love you?"
    She: "Oceans and oceans, mountains and mountains."
    This love penetrated deep within her.

  2. Brilliant student, intense sibling rivalry.
    Many, many friends--plus a few wild parties.
    College subculture was a bummer.
    Getting lost in unconsciousness.

  3. An injury came.
    Quietness/reading prevailed.
    The Light burst through.
    Consciousness appeared again.

  4. Network chiropractic called.
    A healing Professional she became.
    Now spreading deep-seated love to others.
    Personal purpose melds with Universal
        Transformation of Consciousness.
    Blessed are the Healers.

  5. India, Nepal and Tibet enticed.
    Awakening more the seed already-bloomed.
    Some spiritual path a necessity became.
    Will the Shift and Deliverance arrive?

  6. A granddaughter, Willow, to me gave,
        another incarnation of Erin.
    Who knows how Presence will manifest in her.
    Now, at three, Consciousness plays with Itself.

  7. "Oceans and oceans, mountains and mountains."
    Never to be forgotten.

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My Wife's Wedding Dress
  1. Modeling her outfit for her son's wedding
    I was stunned by her beauty--tall, slender, blonde,
    graceful, forever young.
    A Yoga Teacher's energetic presence.
    A lucky husband am I.
  2. Joseph's wedding draws nigh,
    Wonderful Kerri unifies our two families.
    His two twin sisters act as "Best Man".
    Joint Celebrants, Maureen and I, gratefully officiate.
    What better wedding could there be?
  3. And--my wife--how intelligent, how spiritual.
    As a mother unsurpassable; as a chef, incredible.
    And I, of course, partake of it all.
  4. Sharing her nightly dreams.
    Awakens the dreamlife in which we all dwell.
    Consciousness in the form of Maureen,
    Is truly a delight to behold.
    Reminding that Consciousness is all there is.
    How blessed are these vehicles of Grace.
  5. May these words in my wife's heart be written.

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NOTE: 5/01/03 my brother, Stephen, wrote: "Got your interesting poetry/creative writing/cathartic effort. What's going on that finds you so profound?"

An Answer to My Brother
  1. Most of my life I've been a seeker.
    Seeking with an addictive longing.
    An intense longing for "God".
    To be finally in touch,
         not just now and then,
         but permanently.
    And it didn't happen.
  2. So many experiences through so many attempts.
    Frequently yielding peak experiences.
    Blissful, ecstatic moments extremely relished,
    Only - once again - to fade quickly.
    So many little "Dark Nights of the Soul".
    When - Oh, when? How much longer?
  3. A life-long search is over,
    The intense longing is quelled,
        the intellect stands aside.
    There is no God of organized religious variety.
    Deep inner peace floods every cell.
    Understanding is all!
  4. Ego dissolves, Consciousness arises
         and remains for longer enjoyment.
    More Dark Nights of the Soul?
    Surely, more resistances to surrender!
    Now, to bathe in Presence 
         moment by moment.
    Saying "yes" to all.
  5. No more teachers, no more gurus, no more organizations.
    No authority, no training, no disciplines,
        no expensive programs.
    So what remains? The Witness.
    Consciousness is all there is and I am that Consciousness
    And, my friend, so are you.
  6. Do you understand now?
  7. Once you realize and remember who you really are
    - Source-in-appearance -
    Gratitude arises and arises,
    And remains as a constant celebration of Life.
    Then Consciousness reveals Itself through you.
  1. “God” - the Judeo-Christian God of the Old & New Testaments.

  2. See #3 under the Notes of The Seminary and Afterwards.

  3. One can’t come to “Enlightenment” through the intellect/mind alone — for its beyond the intellect/mind.

  4. Presence: Pure Consciousness, Pure Awareness, Oneness, Stillness, Life, Infinite Intelligence, etc.

  5. What your absolute essence is — and my “profundity.”

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NOTE: John Formicola and I met about seven years ago embarking on an adventure:  looking for a Retreat Center property.

My Friend John

  1. A whirlwind of energy.
    Wall Street's genius.
    Creating/recreating companies,
    with life-long experience unmatched,
    multifaceted solutions suggested.

  2. Integrating spirituality with money-making.
    Bringing Presence into the unconscious workplace,
    Greatly assisting in the evolution of Consciousness
    on Planet Earth.
    Can Wall Street grasp it? Take on the Street!1

  3. A business mentor John became.
    Rich Dad, Poor Dad, I read —
    "Rich Dad" John played
    The Market crumbled, billions lost.
    Only insider's track now worthwhile. 
    Tolle's tapes heard between meetings,
    Challenging prior marketplace orientation.
    More aware, more witnessing, less reactive.
    The Shift happening before my eyes.
  4. Comrades in arms, Masters in training
    sharing meetings,
    Decisions, decisions, decisions…
    Neither right nor wrong,
    Just another "money game"
    in this world of illusions
    from the viewpoint of Totality.

  5. Will the real Reality please stand up!!


  1. Book title of Arthur Levitt, ex-chairman of the S.E.C. (Securities and Exchange Commission).

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My Webmaster

  1. Lev, a youthful master of computers,
    A pioneer of life.
    Forever cheerful and inquiring.
    Creator of original designs -
        helpful to many,
        with frequent suggestions.
    Indispensable to the New Age.

  2. Budding athlete,
    Diligent student.
    Question upon question upon question
    Followed by humungous smiles.

  3. Consciousness gradually awakening in Lev.
    Oh - to have his youth and energy again!
    Another genius he's presently reading -
        God's Equations: Einstein, Relativity, and the Expanding Universe.
    To what will all this lead?

  4. Consciousness enjoying the witnessing of it.

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  1. Witness as Bookstore Manager.
    To many a local guru,
    Assisting clientele on his/her path
        with much-needed books,
        or songs for the heart.
    Soothing aches and pains,
       stimulating new openings.
    A truly great listener!

  2. Shamanistic paths, a traveler,
        strumming guitar.
    Witnessing all passersby,
        "lost souls" to "saviors".
    A kind, positive word always has
         for each and all,
         sharing Reiki too.

  3. A link between many. Telephone wiz.
    Programs informed, pass-outs copied.
    Feedback and embellishments of spiritual poetry.
    Always learning, always ruminating.
    The Love of Spirit to everything added.

  4. Consciousness delights in Charlie's "being-in-the-world".

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