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by Ken Pollinger

With Gratitude to

Ken's 96 page new book is available at:

Nirvana Bookstore
1 South Broadway, Nyack, NY 10960

215 Katonah Ave, Katonah, NY 10536

Sunburst Oasis
237 East Main Street, Mt. Kisco, NY 10549

SPECIAL THANKS also to the following authors whose books inspired me to write the enclosed lines:

- Spiritual Enlightenment, by Jed McKenna,

- From Onions to Pearls and From Seekers to Finders, both by Satyam Nadeen,

- The Power of NOW; and, Stillness Speaks, both by Eckhart Tolle,

- and finally The Heart of Awareness (a translation of the Ashtavakra Gita), by Thomas Byron.

- These books are a good preparation for Peace and Harmony in Daily Living, by Ramesh S. Balsekar.

Books, such as The Heart of Awareness,  write about more general insights into the spiritual life. My Confessions, on the other hand, attempt to apply the more generic to the concrete specific happenings/thoughts in my life.

A newly expanded and revised 76 page printed edition of the Confessions of an Ex-Jesuit is available at Nirvana Bookstore for $4.



Volume 1

I. “In the Beginning…”
    Spiritual Evolution
    Seminary and Afterwards
    Why I left
    Will of God
    Special Thanks
    Consciousness in the form of Ken Pollinger
    Our Father: Ineffable Original Intelligence

II. Synchronistic Webs
    John Jordan
    Erin Elizabeth
    My Wife’s Wedding Dress
    An Answer to My Brother
    My Friend John
    My Webmaster

III. Daily Encounters
    The Hudson RiverTrail

IV. Infinity’s Point
    The Point of Infinity
    On Route 17
    To the Point
    An Enlightened Community
    The Mountain Top
    Out of Nowhere
    The Temple of Consciousness

V. BodyTemple
    To Grasp or Not to Grasp?
    Peeling the Onion
    Gestalt Therapy: Awareness Supreme
    Sculptor of Persons
    Consciousness as Healer
    The Goddess Appears
    The Fountain of Youth

VI. Observations
    The Illusion
    Walking Between Two Worlds

VII. Enlightenment
    Awareness Freak
    Enlightenment: Before/After
    Gnostic Secret Teachings: Christian Enlightenment

VIII. Alternatives
    Believers or Seekers?
    The Gnostic Jesus
    Apologies Needed?
    Codes Da Vinci: Novel or Reality?
    Planetary History

IX. The New Age Center

X. “At the End…”
    The Death of Ken Pollinger

    My Father, by Erin
Zen Zen, by Chris Keefe
    70 Years of Wisdom, by Jordan
To Zen Ken, by Maureen


Volume 2

XI. Worldly Concerns
   E-mail: Democracy or Plutocracy?
   A Father's Son
   Consciousness Communicates
   "Who are you, Ken?"
   The Sacred Sun a.k.a. The 144,000

   The End of the Mayan Calendar?
   5 AM

XII. Enlightenment Poems
   Culmination of the New Age Movement
   To Be in the World But Not Of It
   From "Do-ing" to "Be-ing"
   To see God in All Things
   Imperfect Perfection

XIII. New Poems
   An Instrument Speaks
   Infinity's Experiment
   Is It an Illusion?
   Progressive Understanding
   Do You REALLY Want IT?
   Is There a God?

XIV. New Poems
   Present Synthesis
   A Three-fold Jesus?
   On Being 72
   Essential Realization
   Essence versus Ego Identity
   Essential Bodywork
   Spiritually Underwhelmed
   Essence Arising

XV. New Poems
   JUDAS, A Real Friend?
   Illusion Upon Illusion
   A Letter From Jesus?
   Pandora's Box: Da Vinci Code
   "Ken, Are You a Christian?"
   The Path of Awakening: Dual/non-dual Meditation
   Jesus Laughs/We Awaken
   Dead Sea Scrolls


Volume 3

XVI. Awakening Poems
   Wake Up!
   Improving the Nightmare? Waking Up
   The Pathless Path
   Too Much (Demasiado)
   Ode to Beloved Energy
   Sacred Sacraments
   Spiritual Warfare
   The Void
   The Rest of My Life

XVII. Truth-Seeker Poems
   Intelligent Design
   Intelligent Design, II
   The TRUTH
   The TRUTH, II

XVIII. Osho's Teaching Aphorisms
   Socratic Dialogue
   A Platonic Discourse
   Plato's Footnote
   Osho's Synthesis
   Working the Night Shift
   "This, I Am," Meditation
   The Witnessing Experience
   Two Paths: Which One?
   Ode to Yoga
   Sex Matters
   Total Freedom
   To Technique Or Not To Technique: That Is The Question

XIX. Mixed Bag of Poems
   The Gospel of Judas REVISITED
   Reprogramming Explicated
   The 12th Planet/The End of Days
   White Powder Gold: Food for the Light Body
   Last Night's Dream
   Ode to Yoga


Volume 4


The Deprogramming of Ken Pollinger

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