I recently came across a website where the person offered spiritual coaching
and I thought: "Hell, why not me too."
After approximately 15 years as a Jesuit, then Sociology Professor, followed by
studies in Zen Meditation and Yoga, combined with many, many years of reading
MANY of the world's MYSTICAL traditions, especially the Taoist, Sufi, Hindu,
American Indian, Buddhist, adding more specifically the Advaita Vedanta
literature ("Enlightenment Studies"), and more recently specializing in the Osho
literature (over 600 books with The Book of Secrets--112 Meditation exercises),
and practicing Meditation AND GESTALT THERAPY for many of these years,
realizing that I have been blessed with these many gifts of various EXPERIENCES,
I offer myself
to anyone who feels that he/she needs some SPIRITUAL COACHING, with a
Universal Perspective, emphasizing meditation ("The Kingdom is Within"),
and dreamwork, with a Gestalt Perspective.
Whereas many of the coaches I have seen require somewhat large sums of
money for this service, I feel blessed that I do not need to do that. So I only ask
for a $10 donation to help pay for the cost of the space used (heat, electricity,
taxes, etc.).  A roughly 45 minute session can be arranged by calling Ken Pollinger
at 845-358-6448.  However, if even this small sum is a challenge for you,
I promise not to turn anyone away--some slight bartering could be agreed upon.
For some more interesting details, click here:
Many thanks for considering this heart-felt offer.
Yours, In The Spirit,
Ken Pollinger, Ph.D.

For those who do not know me very well, please visit:
*Coaching for me is playing the role of the Facilitator.

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