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  Background Information on Healing  & Herbs  
from New Age Center Director
Ken Pollinger, Ph.D.  

Those of you who know me know that I go to Florida the first two weeks
of each December in order to fast, cleanse, relax and rejuvenate. I usually
do a water and/or juice fast, get a deep tissue massage and a colonic
treatment every other day, include deep relaxation session (1-3 hours), 
do liver/gall bladder flushes, sunbathe, read, meditate, walk on the beach,
swim etc, and I always come back looking and feeling twenty years younger.

Well, I was recently introduced to another dimension: herbal rejuvenation &
healing. I experimented with a well-balanced "herbal fast" and came to the
realization that not only are herbs healing but also that they are really
high-quality foods. So I thought: "Could one follow an 'herbatarian' lifestyle
and vibrantly live only on water and herbs---if not forever, maybe for some
extended period of time? And, as with fasting, will this 'herbatarian' period
not only better one's health but also help raise our frequencies, our
vibrations to extraordinary levels? How does this aid our 'lightbodies'?
Possibly this may be the first step leading to being a 'breathatarian'---
see "Living on Light," and "In Resonance," both by Jasmuheen.

At the moment, I don't have the answers---but I plan to experiment more.
However, I can make a few statements now. 1) So far I've seen significant
changes in the elimination of the 'bottom layer' of my colon (see Dr.
Jensen's "Guide to Better Bowel Care").  2) My digestive process has been
immeasurably enhanced--less gas, bloating & heaviness;  3) Qualitatively
superior bowel movements along with colon restoration.  4) I feel more
focused, have better concentration, heightened awareness, extreme
sensitivity to my surroundings, my dreamlife has increased dramatically, 
and I'm much more aware of the synchronicities in my life.

Because of the above, I'd like you to know about a
 wonderful 'Visionary Organization' that gathers the 
herbs in the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest (virgin-rich soil)
 while economically supporting the indigenous cultures
 and preserving their rainforest in a sustainable manner.
 What a GREAT vision!
  The organization is The Amazon Herb Company, Rainforest Bio-Energetics, 
founded by Amazon John Easterling, a former seeker of 
gemstones and ancient artifacts, who works with the 
Shipibo Indians and others of the Peruvian Amazon.

But first, my own direct personal experience has taught me the
necessity of living a BALANCED life in order to fully enjoy it and
accomplish wonderful things for the planet. In light of this, the
following model clearly shows the major systems that need to be
in balance in order to live at peak energy, efficiency and in great health.

In the beginning, Amazon Herb Company formulas were available
exclusively to health care professionals. They worked with leading health
practitioners in several countries for three years, streamlining their botanical
formulas. Through this cooperative effort, it was learned that there are
several common health issues that  plague most people, such as poor
energy and circulation, stressful lifestyles, exposure to environmental
toxicity, compromised immune systems and a lack of mental focus.

The following seventeen systems of the body were synthesized into
The Eight Issue Areas of The Rainforest Model:
1)Spinal  2)Urinary  3)Circulatory  4)Psychological
5)Sympathetic  6)Respiratory  7)Digestive  8)Genital
9)Sensory  10)Chakra  11)Skeletal  12)Para Sympathetic
13)Musculature  14)Endocrine  15)Cells & Tissue/Skin
16)Lymphatic  17)Immune

John Easterling realized  that addressing these issues naturally and nutri-
tionally would accelerate our body's ability to regenerate and sustain
energy. This is how native healers (shamans, for example: see "Secrets
of a Talking Jaguar"
by Martin Prechtel) have maintained  vibrant health
for their people in the jungle for thousands of years. Using their wisdom
and scientific research, the company streamlined many individual formulas
down to core products that defend us from modern challenges 
and invigorate our physical vitality.

As human beings we are living, breathing, adaptive, continually growing
organisms. Our bodies, organs, glands, and systems are highly integrated
and continually processing and responding to our environment. The 
Rainforest Health Pak was created so that it nourishes and supports all
of our body systems, which provides a solid foundation for the body to
build on. The charts below illustrate the core products and show how you
can customize the Pak to fit your personal health goals. 
Rainforest Herbs are organic food!

 Click on any of the following for more information:     

1) Balanced Rainforest Model: Eight Issue Areas Chart

2) Prescription Drugs & Herbs

3) Herbal Ingredients Overview

4) Guidelines on How to Start Using Amazon Rainforest Herbs

5) Shamanic Openings

6) Medical Disclaimer


A Fasting Program based on Amazon Rainforest Herb Foods

I just received Fat Busters' Lifestyle Cleanse, by Chris Rucker:

An Effective Detox and Lifestyle Approach Designed to Empower You to Live Better, Slimmer, & Longer (Abundant Life Publications), $21.

The four dynamics that form the basics for this fasting Program are:

  1. The Raw Diet Cleanse Fast
    - Fruits & Vegetable ONLY; eaten separately

  2. The Colon Cleanse Fast
    - 7days with Amazon Rainforest Herbs
    - Enema or Colonics, self-massage

  3. The Mainstay Diet (Menu Planner)
    - Learn to eat wholesome natural foods in abundance
    - Learn to eat two large meals earlier in the day
    - cut out snacks
    - Fast one day a week

  4. Fat Buster Lifestyle Exercises
    - regular & consistent exercise
    -Vigorous walking, 3-5 days/week, 30-45 minutes
    - Circuit Training (Stretches, plus dumbbells); (yoga & aerobics)

Personal NOTE: I plan to experiment with this fasting program shortly and I will post the results of my experience for your consideration.

We will be selling Fat Buster's Lifestyle Cleanse in Nirvana Bookstore $19.95. Come in and pick it up or we can mail it to you.

A T T E N T I O N ! ! !
Users frequently ask: How much of the Herbs should I take?
What follows is an excellent answer!

The Rainforest Herb Center does not dispense medical advice nor prescribe the use of any substance or technique as a form of treatment for medical problems without a physician's advice, either directly or indirectly. The intent of the center is only to offer information of a general nature to assist you in making choices with your doctor in cooperation with your mutual quest for health. In the event you use any information from this website for yourself or others, you are prescribing for yourself, which is your constitutional right, but the center assumes no responsibility for your decisions, choices or actions.



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