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For One to Ten weeks, immerse yourself in a "monastic life-style," which includes;:

*some silence/stillness (click here for incubation)
* spiritual reading: s
, by Anthony DeMello
    Life After Death
, by Deepak Chopra
*spiritual videos/DVDs (click here)
*cleansing/fasting (click here for info)
*some labor
*use of facilities

Donation:    May1-Sept 30: $50/week
                  Oct 1-April 30: $75/week

Note: you supply your own food, normal or fasting with broth.

If interested, contact Ken: or 845-358-6448


If, after visiting for some time, you decide that you like the "monastic life-style," then you might want to stay on and assist in founding a "more permanent" monastery. The stumbling block is frequently financial. So ....

1) Consider being a "WEEKEND MONK" and during the week live your "other" life-style elsewhere.

2) Or, if you can work from "the monastery" (computer, wholistic practitioner, etc.), then maybe a "more permanent change is in order.

3) Or, other possibilities you and I create.

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