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Alan Levinís studies and teaching have included meditation and shamanic practices for the past 35 years. In 1985 he became a licensed psychotherapist, (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist), integrating the wide scope of his work with individuals and groups. In 1990, he founded Holos Institute, a California non-profit corporation in which he trained and supervised intern therapists focusing on bringing together spirituality and psychology and the study of ecopsychology. In January of 2004 he moved from the Bay Area in California to the Hudson Valley, New York.

He has been on the faculty of the California Institute of Integral Studies, John F. Kennedy University and the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, teaching approaches to the treatment of addiction, group psychotherapy, Jewish Mysticism, and the integration of psycho-spiritual development with social/political involvement.

As part of his work with ecopsychology, Alan leads groups into the wilderness on Earth Quests for healing and vision. In his work, Alan integrates awareness of modern research in psychological studies with ancient wisdom teachings. His approach opens doorways to the soul's calling that arise in everyday, practical life experience.

Alan's therapy work is for individuals, couples, families and groups. Please call for a no-charge phone interview to explore the possibility of working with him.

Following are links to further writings about his work, and descriptions of his workshops.

Individual Therapy

On Psychotherapy (Part 1) - Psychotherapy as Soul Work

On Psychotherapy (Part 2) - Psychotherapy, Yoga and Bodywork

On Psychotherapy (Part 3) - The Journey of the Soul: Experiencing and Manifesting Your Deepest Nature

Therapy Group - Soul Work for Healing and Vision

Workshops - Alan is available to give presentations on these topics at schools, centers and other institutions. The themes of these workshops can also be a part of individual or group therapy work.

bullet Exploring Kabbalah through Yoga & Shamanism
bullet The Compassionate Warrior
bullet Ecopsychology
bullet Agni Yoga - Transformative Meditation Practices of Inner Light-Fire

On Meditation

bullet A Guided Introduction to Meditation

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