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Kenneth Pollinger, Ph.D:
Nyack's Catalyst for a New Age

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        Ken Pollinger studied four years of engineering and one year of pre-dentistry at the University of Cincinnati and then spent thirteen years in a Jesuit seminary studying philosophy and theology toward the priesthood. He ended up in Peru, where he taught high school sociology in Spanish then four years of Theology in Mexico City. Afterwards he engaged in a research project for his Ph.D. in sociology at Fordham University which ultimately was published in a book, Community Action & The Poor: Influence vs. Social Control in a NYC Community.

         It was Gestalt, says Ken, that changed his life. "It helped me realize that I had to be in the present. I had to have experience, to probe every experience with a beginnerís mind, ŗ lŠ Zen, to see things fresh, without cultural conditioning. I finally found my master: my direct personal experience."

         Kenís faith in direct experience is reflected in his personal style, his candor and penetrating curiosity, alert to whatever or whomever turns up in the moment. He likes to talk about the rich spiritual content of apparently ordinary events. For him thereís no such thing as a chance meeting. "Every single thing happens for a reason," he says. "Every moment is infused with grace. Youíve got to open your ears and eyes. Youíll get messages, day in, day out."

Ken as Jesuit

         Still claiming his time is the ongoing renovation of the building. Heís done carpentry, exterior painting on a scaffold, and pure scut work, literally digging out the cellar and hauling off hundreds of cartons of earth. "I got a lot done through sweat equity," he says.

         How does he discriminate in his selection of activities for the New Age Center and for the Point of Infinity? "I trust my guts." Every day for half an hour he lies down on the floor, relaxes, lets go, and all of a sudden thoughts/inspirations/messages will come."

         "Iím open to where Iím led more than having a vision," he says. "If I die today, Iíll be happy. A lot of wonderful things have happened here. I donít need more. Iím blessed." He shakes his head and smiles. "But itís fun to see whatís going to happen." For example, he opened up an organic health restaurant, the Harvest Moon Cafť, which enjoyed a two year life span.

         He is an ordained priest in The Order of Melchizedek and a recipient of a Minister of Spiritual Counseling certificate; also he officiates at creative weddings.

         Ken, finished renovating the Main Lodge at the Point of Infinity--an earth-centered spiritual retreat center near Ellenville in the Catskill Mountains. He also established a free, not-for- profit on-line university: New Age University, which contains The Institute for Evolutionary Creationism. Ken is presently watching an enlightened community emerging and welcomes inquiries. Presently Enlightenment studies/experiences are his passion, as reflected in his latest books, Confessions of an Ex-Jesuit, Vol 1 & 2. See updated vision of Point of Infinity on its website at  

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