Photo Essay of the Awareness Center

A step by step history of the building process

Here are a few photos of what we began this week. The "front edge of porch" photo shows the line of the front of the house, and the porch door to the front yard will be just on this side of the big rock.

The slab area was well compacted by a loaded dump truck after we stripped the topsoil and dug up a few stumps and roots. The leveling occasioned the export of 11 dump trucks of soil, which we sent down on the truck loads of material that were delivered. Then we had to pay for 5 more loads out, at 40,000 colones each-not bad. A total of $365.

I expect the panels to be delivered this week.

Dennis Garber

  1. Bodega for tools, plans, etc.
  2. Basic materials for construction
  3. Leveling off/compacting site
  4. Laying out dimensions of structure
  5. Local workers plying their trade

  6. Here are the workers, from left to right:

    Juan Pablo
    Jose (also known as miel (espanol for honey), because he is so nice and sweet....
    Cristhian (this is the way he spells it)
    Juan Carlos, maestro de obra
    Miguel, second in command
    Jeffry (also known as Nano due to his diminutive stature-but he is really fast and strong)

    Wonderful guys, every one. Great attitudes, willing workers, extremely polite, and considerate beyond what we are accustomed to from employees in the U. S.

  7. Finding an internet signal...
  8. Trucks arriving with cement panels:
  9. No cinder blocks this time!
  10. Entering the site
  11. Preparation for unloading
  12. Unloading panels: rebar inside
  13. Man-Labor: carrying panels to foundation
  14. Check out the Valley below:  GREAT vistas!
  15. Even the Guabo River below
  16. Full layout of the building
  17. Evening falling: GREAT meditation time!
  18. I LOVE this view!
  19. Panels going up on first day
  20. Back of building
  21. Worker Javier and his wife.
  22. Starting another side, with view of the hill
  23. Clearing out the foundation
  24. Third wall going up
  25. Four walls rising
  26. Different perspective
  27. Dennis in control!
  28. Dennis Garber, Builder/Contractor/Caretaker
  29. 110 pound bags of cement
  30. Bobby the electrician gluing conduit in viga
  31. from above looking toward valley
  32. inside house-vigas (beams)
  33. More viga forms
  34. wood for counters and shelves
  35. roof going up
  36. welding roof together
  37. sideview
  38. looking inside from the porch
  39. the bodega - a "dry room" - washer/dryer
  40. looking over the valley from inside the living room
  41. samples of floor tiles & design
  42. "Cupola on the rise!"
  43. Windows framed out; partial roof started
  44. Roof and siding going up
  45. Another roof angle
  46. House roof completed
  47. Working on bodega
  48. finishing one side
  49. Wood for balcony and porch roof
  50. GREAT beams (TRUE 2 x 4)
  51. Raising porch roof
  52. Front of Main House
  53. Beginning Carport
  54. Loft balcony/inside ceiling
  55. Stairway to loft drawn on wall
  56. View of finished roof
  57. digging out the septic system
  58. leveling the landscape around the main house/center
  59. finally leveled! windows installed!
  60. our camper recently located near the center - sleeps 5!
  61. inside the camper - delicious!
  62. digging electric and water lines
  63. front door: the symbol of life by Daskalos, Egyptian origin
  64. front porch: looking south
  65. front porch: looking north
  66. volcanic rocks add rusty beauty
  67. graveled parking lot
  68. backyard shed + landscaping needed
  69. New sod laid down plus 3 palms planted
  70. bodega - security/storage room
  71. bodego & camper
  72. inside bodega
  73. stairs to loft: sleeps 4-6
  74. much air circulation in loft & ceiling
  75. kitchen area, with views
  76. desk area, with views
  77. bathroom entrance & vanity
  78. bathroom shower

    The Land Above
  79. our used Suzuki 1992 4x4 car - for "rough" roads
  80. entrance to our 8 acres
  81. 80-100 banana trees on our right
  82. volcanic rocks and banana trees
  83. a budding new pineapple plant
  84. pineapple plants also
  85. coconut trees a-growing
  86. Ed Bernhardt, N.D., our permaculture expert
  87. mangoes for eating
  88. see the small fruit tree with 4 fruits within 3 months!
  89. The 17 fruit trees after 6 months!
  90. another view from the top of our property
  91. peter & ananda's house, building project - next door
  92. Peter's work paying off
  93. The heavy October rains have filled the Guabo River!
  94. a clear view
  95. lush and inspiring
  96. talk about meditation! and awe!
  97. a huge volcanic rock marking the entrance to our property
  98. my favorite "rock." the house was built around it
  99. my favorite "Japanese Painting" outside my porch
  100. the new tent for three!
  101. another shot of the tent with lipstick palm
  102. coconuts galore!
  103. a view from a nearby restaurant - San Isidro in top left corner

    The Jungle Below
  104. Ken & Javier head for jungle exploration
  105. exploring our 4 acres below the house - pure rainforest. found a building site
  106. looking down abut 200 feet below into the jungle from the new building site
  107. another view from INSIDE the rainforest
  108. Possible casitas for jungle clearings
  109. casita with porch
  110. even bamboo construction
  111. a design of casitas
  112. look between the trees for a newly-cut trail-path
  113. The Jungle Map
  114. Stairs through the jungle
  115. Our Stair crew: Ivan and friend
  116. Easy access to our beautfilu Rainforest


  119. Our waterfall paradise
  120. upper building site
  121. upper & ower building site
  122. another opening in the jungle to the valley below

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