A Brief Review of The Urantia Book 

with notes & critiques by Ken Pollinger, Ph.D.
Founder of NAU & IEC Director

"The Urantia Book: Evolutionary Revelation

For those of you who are as intrigued as I am with the origins and evolution of our planet & mankind, this book will really jolt you out of mainstream thinking. I highly recommend, as a taste, that you read Part III, The History of Urantia (Earth) pp. 651-877, skipping pp. 763-820. 

It starts with the formation of the Andronover Nebula about 987 billion years ago! ...and goes on to describe, in incredible detail, how our sun and our planets were formed and with whose help. Next follows how life was established on Earth. Then the history of marine, land-life, mammalians and primitive man in the ice ages is reviewed. For example, the first two human beings, Andon & Fonta, approximately 993,500 years ago, suddenly emerge from the primate tube! That is, the first appearance of human will--which leads to the Andonic clans (Andonites). Also described is the origin of the six colored races (Sangik races).

Then about 500,000 years ago, the Planetary Prince Caligastia arrives (an 'angelic' being) and the city of Dalamatia is founded with 100 corporealized members of the Prince's staff. But Caligastia breaks his oath to the Most High (betrayal) and launches the Caligastia rebellion (not following the will & evolutionary plan of the Universal Father).

However, Van & Amadon--loyal to the original divine plan--oppose Caligastia's "sin" & win. Then the first Garden of Eden (at the Persian Gulf) and the Tree of Life were prepared for the arrival of the biological uplifters, or Material Son & Daughter--namely Adam & Eve (approximately 37,900 years ago). You absolutely must read about Adam & Eve (pp. 828 on)!...and The Legend of Creation (p. 836 on).

Next follows the default of Adam & Eve--and it wasn't the apple!--and the repercussions of the default (not original sin!)   Adam & Eve then enter the second Garden of Eden in Mesopotamia and their life, death & survival are examined. There follows a history of the Andonites, the Amadinites, the Adamites, the Adamsonites, the Nodites, the Andites & Finally the Summerians--the last of the Andites.

Footnote from Ken Pollinger:
My short summary of these pages cannot convey to you the incredible detail and fascinating twists of our planetary evolution. Also, I didn't emphasize at all the thoroughly spiritual evolutionary dimensions presented throughout.

It appears that there are at least four major theories regarding these matters:

1). The traditional Judeo-Christian interpretation---quite spiritual, but unsatisfying for many.
2). The scientific- evolutionary interpretation---factual, but with many flawed arguments.
3). The Zecharia Sitchin extraterrestrial interpretation--- excellent but it only pushes the debate back one notch--to the 12th planet.
4). The Urantia Book interpretation---combine science & spiritual dimensions but is it true - revelational evolution?

I must admit that I find much good in each of these approaches but then the innumerable differences create problems. I'm a great Sitchin fan and yet I must admit that the spiritual evolutionary explanations of the Urantia Book are greatly appreciated, as they go way beyond Sitchin's Sumerian clay tablets.  I keep asking myself, "If the Hebrews could put together such a legend-history, then couldn't the Sumerians have done the same thing/' Is Sitchin getting to the truth or does the Urantia Book contain more? And are they compatible? At any rate I'll take #3 & #4 over the first two any day. And in the end I guess each one of us must decide what is true or what makes the most sense for him or her!    ---K.P.

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