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  1. Meteor May Have Started Dinosaur Era
    New York Times, NATIONAL, Friday, May 17, 2002 pg. A16

  2. Scientists Find 7-Million-Year-Old Skull
    New York Times, by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

  3. Latest Cosmological Update:
    By Dennis Overbye, New York Times

  4. A New View of Our Universe, by DENNIS OVERBYE 2738 words, October 29, 2002, Tuesday, The New York Times, Science Desk

  5. Many Universes, Several Theories, by DENNIS OVERBYE 716 words, October 29, 2002, Tuesday, The New York Times, Science Desk

  6. 'Jesus' Inscription on Stone May be Earliest Ever Found, by John Noble Wilford, October 22, 2002, The New York Times, International

  7. Genetics Track More of Earliest Humans' First Itineraries, by Nicholas Wade, November 12, 2002, The New York Times

  8. Experts Question Authenticity of Bone Box for 'Brother of Jesus',
    by John Noble Wilford, December 3, 2002, The New York Times

  9. New Evidence of Early Form of Writing in Mexico,
    by John Noble Wilford, December 6, 2002, The New York Times, International

  10. Dating of Australian Remains Backs Theory of Early Migration of Humans, The New York Times, International, Wednesday, February 19, 2003

  11. Universe as Doughnut: New Data, New Debate, by Dennis Overbye, The New York Times, Science, March 11, 2003

  12. Barrage of Meteors May Have Doomed the Dinosaurs, by Kenneth Chang, The New York Times, Science, March 11, 2003

  13. A Brief History of the Multiverse, by Paul Davies, Editorial/Op-Ed, April 12, 2003

  14. From Distant Galaxies, News of a 'Stop-and-Go Universe', by JOHN NOBLE WILFORD, The New York Times, Science, June 3, 2003

  15. New World Ancestors Lose 12,000 Years, by Nicholas Wade and John Noble Wilford, The New York Times, National, July 25, 2003

  16. Cosmic Soccer Ball? Already Takes Sharp Kicks, by DENNIS OVERBYE, The New York Times, October 9, 2003

  17. Skull Details Suggest Neanderthals Were Not Humans, by John Noble Wilford, The New York Times, January 27, 2004

  18. Montana Creationism Bid Evolves Into Unusual Fight, by James Glanz, The New York Times, February 29, 2004

  19. Less Jaw, Big Brain: Evolution Milestone Laid to Gene Flaw, by JOHN NOBLE WILFORD, The New York Times, March 25, 2004

  20. Discovery Pushes Back Date of 'Classic' Maya, by John Noble Wilford, The New York Times, May 5, 2004

  21. A Dim Speck in Space With a Fantastic View, by Kenneth Chang, The New York Times, May 11, 2004

  22. For Neanderthals and Homo Sapiens, Was It De-Lovely?, By JOHN NOBLE WILFORD, New York Times, February 15, 2005
  23. Homo Sapiens Gets a Lot Older in a New Analysis of Fossils, By JOHN NOBLE WILFORD, NEW YORK TIMES, February 17, 2005
  24. Seeing Creation and Evolution in Grand Canyon, By JODI WILGOREN, NEW YORK TIMES, October 6, 2005
  25. Improved Science Puts Modern Humans in Europe Earlier, By JOHN NOBLE WILFORD NEW YORK TIMES February 23, 2006
  26. Fossil Called Missing Link From Sea to Land Animals, By JOHN NOBLE WILFORD, NEW YORK TIMES April 6, 2006
  27. In Ancient Document, Judas, Minus the Betrayal, By JOHN NOBLE WILFORD and LAURIE GOODSTEIN, NEW YORK TIMES April 7, 2006
  28. Document Is Genuine, but Is Its Story True?, By LAURIE GOODSTEIN, NEW YORK TIMES April 7, 2006
  29. On Ancient Walls, a New Maya Epoch, By JOHN NOBLE WILFORD, NEW YORK TIMES May 16, 2006
  30. Scientists Chip Away at Mysteries of the Moon, By KENNETH CHANG, NEW YORK TIMES August 8, 2006
  31. Writing May Be Oldest in Western Hemisphere, By JOHN NOBLE WILFORD, NEW YORK TIMES September 15, 2006

  32. Little Girl, 3 Million Years Old, Offers New Hints on Evolution, By JOHN NOBLE WILFORD NEW YORK TIMES September 21, 2006

  33. New DNA Test Is Yielding Clues to Neanderthals, By NICHOLAS WADE NEW YORK TIMES November 16, 2006

  34. The Warming of Greenland, By JOHN COLLINS RUDOLF NEW YORK TIMES January 16, 2007
  35. From a Rapt Audience, a Call to Cool the Hype By WILLIAM J. BROAD THE NEW YORK TIMES March 13, 2007
  36. Science of the Soul? I Think, Therefore I Am Is Losing Force By CORNELIA DEAN. THE NEW YORK TIMES June 26, 2007

  37. Fossils in Kenya Challenge Linear Evolution By JOHN NOBLE WILFORD. NEW YORK TIMES August 9, 2007
  38. Big Brain Theory: Have Cosmologists Lost Theirs? By DENNIS OVERBYE. NEW YORK TIMES January 15, 2008
  39. Smaller Version of the Solar System Is Discovered By DENNIS OVERBYE. THE NEW YORK TIMES February 15, 2008

  40. 5200 B.C. Is New Date for Farms in Egypt By JOHN NOBLE WILFORD. THE NEW YORK TIMES February 12, 2008

"Of Early Writing and a King of Legend"
"Carved in the limestone of a desert cliff in Egypt is a 5,250-year-old tableau of a
victorious ruler..."

"DARWIN VS. DESIGN: EVOLUTIONISTS' NEW BATTLE" --by James Glanz [Sun. April 8th,  2001; p.1]
--an excellent up to date article on the continuing hot debate!:
"This time, though, the evolutionists find themselves arrayed not against traditional creationism, with its roots in biblical literalism, but against a more sophisticated idea: the intelligent design theory.

Proponents of this theory, led by a group of academics and intellectuals and including some biblical creationists, accept that the earth is billions of years old, not the thousands of years suggested by a literal reading of the Bible.

But they dispute the idea that natural selection, the force Darwin suggested drove evolution,  is enough to explain the complexity of the earth's plants and animals. That complexity, they say, must be the work of an intelligent designer.

This designer may be much like the biblical God, proponents say, but they are open to other explanations, such as the proposition that life was seeded by a meteorite from elsewhere  in the cosmos, possibly involving extraterrestrial intelligence, or the new age philosophy that the universe is suffused with a mysterious but inanimate life force.

Leaders of the design movement look for flaws in evolutionist thinking and its presentation, and have scored heavily by publicizing embarrassing mistakes in prominent biology textbooks.

Evolutionary biologists maintain that the arguments of intelligent design do not survive scrutiny, but they concede that a specialist's knowledge of particular mathematical or biological disciplines is often needed to clinch the point."

"ON THE TRAIL OF A FEW MORE ANCESTORS" --by John Noble Wilford [Sun. April 8th,  2001; p. 8]

(Comments from IEC President: Previously for school board candidates in Kansas, only a few hundred dollars were raised in order to be voted onto the Board. But since the latest struggle over the war between the Evolutionists and Creationists, it seems that the bigger money is now trying to determine our VALUES!

Linda Holloway, a conservative head of the school board, has raised $90,000 while Sue Gamble, more evolutionary prone, has raised ONLY $36,000. So once again, does money talk, does money try to control values, does money lead to power? And who, pray-tell, is DONATING all this money? Will money determine what we teach in school? And does that mean that the Evolutionary Creationists now have to solicit money to be heard? 
.......See the book: "Rule by Secrecy" by Jim Marrs.
(Click on book title to view quote from cover of book)

"THE BIBLE, AS HISTORY, FLUNKS NEW ARCHAEOLOGICAL TESTS: Hotly Debated Studies Cast Doubt on Many Familiar Stories" 
--by Gustav Niebuhr [Sat. July 29, 2000; p. B9]

--by George Johnson [Tues. June 20, 2000; p. F1]
(Comments from IEC President: As one reads this article one can't help but think of the correlation between superstring theory {the attempt to explain matter & energy in terms of tiny vibratory strings--tinier entities which are, theoretically, beneath the level of quarks & leptons} and the channeled information of Anna Hayes in her Voyager Series. As one particle physicist stated, "theorists should never assume that they have already thought of every possibility for how the world works.")

--by Nicholas Wade [Tues. June 13, 2000; p. F1]
(This article rethinks the universal ancestor: a new tree of life)

--by John Noble Wilford [Tues. May 23, 2000; p. F-7]
(Was it south-to-north transplantation of the celebrated city-state of southern Mesopotamia; or north-to-south, from Tell Hamoukar to the southern city-state? Or, simultaneous yet independent development?)

--by Nicholas Wade [Tues. May 2, 2000; p. F2]
(A real eye opener with a fantastic DNA migration map)

--by George Johnson [Tues. April 4, 2000; p. F1]
(Those of you interested in multi-dimensionality will relish 
the article & the illustration of Brane Theory)


Regarding the NY TIMES, it is surprising that their major journalists, like those mentioned above, and others, don't attempt a synthesis of all their articles concerning the origins of the Earth & Humans--with their own speculations/theories. If Zecharia Sitchin could do this (whether you agree or disagree) then why can't this team of critical thinkers do likewise. And, once again, why does The New York Times refuse to critically review Sitchin's work? Maybe all you Sitchin fans need to E-mail The New York Times Science Editor, requesting/demanding an in-depth review:

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