7. Outline of Pye's book 

"Everything You Know 
is Wrong--Book One:
Human Origins"
[with permission from]

The book is a 6" by 9" quality trade paperback with 90 line-drawing illustrations to facilitate comprehension. It has 311 pages of text and costs $20.00 + $4.00 shipping/handling.

Part I is all about Darwinism. Many examples are given to illustrate that Darwinism does not, as advertised, explain either how life first came to be on Earth, or how it has subsequently developed into the millions of plant and animal species that have existed since then. It also shows why and how the pressures exerted by Creationists force Darwinists to support a theory with no verifiable basis in the fossil record.

Part II deals with the so-called “prehuman” fossil record. Here, too, many examples are given to illustrate that not a single bone found prior to the Cro-Magnons actually resembles a human bone. This accounts for the so-called “missing link,” which is missing now, has always been missing, and will always remain missing because no such link exists between the so-called prehumans and actual humans. So the question arises: Who do those allegedly prehuman bones belong to?

Part III answers that unequivocally: hominoids. Hominoids are the creatures like Bigfoot/Sasquatch, the Abominable Snowman/Yeti, and two other types we in the West know little about but which are quite well known in the areas where they live in other parts of the world (Almas in the mountains of southern Russia and western China; and Agogwes in the jungles of central Africa, the Amazon, and Indonesia). In addition to where they live, how they look and live is fully discussed, followed by discussions of captures, killings, and enslavements that are documented in the hominoid record.

At the end of Part III, readers should be convinced that: (1) all four hominoid types do indeed exist; (2) it is their bones that comprise the “pre-human” fossil record, not ours; and (3) we humans are in fact relative newcomers to planet Earth. For however bizarre and off-the-wall that might sound to anyone only aware of its tabloid representation, there is an overwhelming amount of hard, fact-based evidence to back it up, evidence recounted in the book in great detail.

Part IV is dominated by similarly hard, fact-based evidence handed down to us from the Sumerians, Earth’s very first high culture, from 4,000 to 6,000 years ago, preceding the Egyptians by nearly 1,000 years. The Sumerians are the greatest single puzzle of antiquity, having walked straight from the Stone Age into a full-blown culture with over 100 of the “firsts” that we currently attribute to an advanced society. They were, in fact, the highest of the ancient high cultures.

The Sumerians left behind extensive writings on more than one hundred thousand clay tablets that described their thoughts and opinions regarding politics, economics, law, mathematics, medicine, astronomy, and history, to name only a few areas of their wide-ranging expertise. More to the point, on roughly 5,000 of those tablets they detail their inexplicable knowledge about how our solar system gained its final shape, how life came to be on Earth, and how humanity itself came to be here.

The scholars who translated those tablets in the latter half of the 19th century (1850-1900) considered them so utterly implausible, if not patently absurd, they consigned them all to what became known as the “myth pile.” After that, no one bothered to take them seriously until the 1950's, when a man named Zecharia Sitchin began rummaging around in the ignored and forgotten myth pile, acting on his belief that post-Stone Age “primitives” could not possibly have possessed the collective imagination, nor gained the real-world experience, to develop such a highly creative, technically sophisticated “mythology.” Mr. Sitchin felt they were in all likelihood telling the truth as they understood and believed it, and fifty years of brilliant research have produced seven books that outline the truly mind-boggling things the Sumerian tablets say (which are summarized in Part IV).

What they say is that everything the Sumerians knew was told to them by a race of superior beings they  called “gods,” with a small “g,” who, ironically, were the original “gods” of the Old Testament. Those “gods” came to live and work on Earth from another planet in our solar system, a planet unlike any other, with an elliptical, 3600-year orbit that carries it from a perihelion between Mars and the inner edge of the Asteroid Belt to an aphelion well beyond the orbit of Pluto, in the deepest reaches of space. Ironically, modern astronomers strongly suspect that such a large celestial body (which they call “Planet X”) exists, because of its subtle gravitational effects on the inner planets. Unfortunately, it is currently so far removed from Earth’s orbit (just as the Sumerian tablets indicate), its location cannot be pinpointed.

The Sumerian tablets further contend that the “Anunnaki,” the formal name for the “gods” from the planet “Nibiru,” came to live on Earth over 400,000 years ago because they needed gold to repair their atmosphere (by a process detailed in the book), which they had damaged during their rise to a high technology, the same way we are damaging Earth's atmosphere on our rise to a high technology. Because mining gold is such difficult work, at around 250,000 years ago the Anunnaki genetically engineered humans to be their slaves (again, by a process detailed in the book). For as improbable as that might sound, our genes do in fact contain clear, undeniable evidence that we were created by genetic engineering between 200,000 and 250,000 years ago, in precisely the place where the Sumerian tablets claim the Anunnaki created us: in southern Africa!

This remarkable correlation is simply too much to attribute to coincidence, and in combination with many other scientifically indisputable but currently “unacceptable” facts supplied throughout Part IV (and, indeed, throughout the entire book), it provides a vision of our ancient history that, however incredible, is equally amazing, fascinating, and overwhelmingly convincing because it makes more fundamental sense, more common, everyday, “Yeah, I can see that....” sense, than any book of its kind ever written. And on top of that, its text is laid out in a unique, step-by-step, “whodunit” format that makes its highly academic subject matter remarkably easy to read and comprehend.

Whatever your age, whatever your station in life, whatever your preconceived notions on these subjects, if you will undertake the task of acquiring this book and reading it for yourself, it will be one of the, if not the, most opinion-altering, paradigm shattering, downright mind-blowing experiences of your life. Just ask anyone who has undertaken the journey ahead of you--anyone.

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