1. The Institute for    

  Evolutionary Creationism:     

General Goals

Our goal is to present scholarly, alternative views and voices in science,
genetics, archaeology, anthropology, astronomy and religion which
mainstream institutions do not provide opportunity for. These views and
theories differ with and often outright challenge prevailing opinions and
dogma in academic and religious circles on both sides of debated issues.
Often these small voices are the ones who precipitate a paradigm shift,
though it is usually only evident decades or centuries later.

Our institute aims to be a forum for those researchers and authors who
see beyond the polarized debates of various topics, fusing anomalous
data and incongruent findings into an entirely new possible history of the
human race. New findings in all fields continue to break down outmoded
belief systems. This cross-pollination of ideas is revealing a story far, far
grander than we can fathom at present, but perhaps we are finally on
the path to finding answers about those four unanswerable questions that
have stumped all seekers who dared to ask—who we are, where we
came from, and where we are going...
                     and most importantly, why are we here?

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