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for Evolutionary  

1 South Broadway ~ Nyack NY 10960




Executive Director:
Kenneth J. Pollinger, Ph.D.

The Institute for Evolutionary Creationism is an  
educational not-for-profit corporation registered 
the Department of Education and the 
Department of State of New York (May 2000).

Funding Opportunities:
Now that our institute is a registered not-for-profit educational 
corporation, we plan to apply for tax-exemption or set up a 
foundation so as to solicit monies for the Institute activities, 
which in the future may include conferences, publications, etc.  
If any of you feel compelled to assist us in any way, 
please contact us. 


  1. Institute for Evolutionary Creationism: General Goals

  2. Practical Goals of I.E.C.

  3. Biography of I.E.C Director

  4. Summary of Evolution-Creation Debate & Rational for I.E.C.
    "Origins of Life and of The Universe: Evolution vs. Creationism",
    by Ken Pollinger, Ph.D.

  5. Zacharia Sitchin's Chronology of the Earth Chronicles
    (his nine books)

  6. Earth's Timeline, by Ken Pollinger, Ph.D.

  7. New York Times Science updates
    Recommended articles and archive resources

  8. Comments on The Mayan Calendar, by Ken Pollinger, Ph.D.

  9. Lloyd Pye Essay: "Darwinism vs. Creationism"
    Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of Scopes "Monkey Trial"

  10. Comments by the I.E.C Director & NY Times Letter
    "Creation: The Origins of the Earth and Its Moon"

  11. Outline of Lloyd Pye's book:
    "Everything You Know is Wrong--Book One: Human Origins"

  12. Zecharia Sitchin & Vatican Official (meeting dialogue):
    "Extraterrestrials, Angels, and the Creation of Man"

  13. The World's Sixteen Crucified Saviors by Kersey Graves
    Comparisons of Horus, Jesus, Krishna

  14. Vatican Disclosure: Mayan Mystery School
    "The Writing on the Wall - Part 2" --
    by Dawn Abel, Director Maya Mystery School of N. California

  15. Bible Code II: The Countdown, by Michael Drosnin

  16. Review of Sitchin's "The Lost Book of Enki"
    Review by Kenneth Pollinger

  17. A Brief Review of "The Urantia Book ":
    with notes & critiques by Ken Pollinger, Ph.D., IEC Director
    "The Urantia Book: Evolutionary Revelation"

  18. Pedagogical Comments on the Urantia Book, by Ken Pollinger, Ph.D.

  19. Sumer (Mesopotamia) 3500 BC vs. Gulf of Chambay settlement (India) 7500 BC Reuters [Wednesday, January 16, 2002  6:25:32 pm]

  20. Evidence for Creation by Outside Intervention, by Lloyd Pye

  21. Design for Confusion, by Paul Krugman

  22. Lacking Hard Data, Theorists Try Democracy, By DENNIS OVERBYE



>New! Study Group: The Official URANTIA Book Website
A gathering for serious students who may want to join an on-going study group. Passionate discussion may assist you in deciding one way or the other.
The Urantia Book speaks about 7 Super Universes and in light of that we recommend that you read the above article #24.


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