Pedagogical Comments on 
The Urantia Book 

by Ken Pollinger, Ph.D.
Founder of NAU & IEC Director

"The Urantia Book: Evolutionary Revelation

When one first browses The Urantia Book one is totally overwhelmed because of  its size  (over 2,000 Bible-thin pages) and especially with the first part, 14 chapters on the Godhead with more on The Central and Super-universes.

So...for those of you who may want to attack this book--which probably provides the best overall theoretical framework within which to fit all the data from all the other books---I'd like to recommend at least eight different starting points:

1) For a sampler---a first taste---try pages 821-854, all about Adam & Eve ( a very popular story!)
2) For the scientific/historical student, start at Part III, The History of Urantia, then Part IV, The Life and Teachings of Jesus. Finally, parts I and II.
3) For the theological/cosmological/philosophical student, start right at the beginning & proceed to the end.
4) For the Jesus-oriented student, start with Part IV, the Life and Teachings of Jesus, & figure out the rest.
5) For the shamanistic-oriented student,  try pages 986-1002.
6) For those of you who wonder about the origin of "The Order of Melchizedek," see pagess 1014-1026.
7) For Eastern spirituality oriented folks, begin at  pp. 1027   (Vedic, Brahmanism, Hindu, Lao Tse, Confucius, Buddhism).
8) And who is Yahweh? See pp. 1052-1076.

The  point is, start someplace---that place that is easiest and most appealing to you---and don't let the size or content overwhelm you!

Another consideration is to see The Urantia Book in light of the "Big Picture Perspective."

A) Once can read The Urantia Book FIRST in order to get an overview of the Big Picture---most folks probably wouldn't take this approach because of the overwhelming nature of the book.
B) Read The Urantia Book AFTERWARDS...that is, first follow the suggested "Big Picture Perspective/Study Group" outline.

The Big Picture Perspective/Study Group Outline
1) Zecharia Sitchin: The 12th Planet; Wars of Gods and Men; Lost Realms.
---challenges the Old Testament and New Testament theology (Breaking the Godspell; the Judeo-Christian & Islamic concept of God.)
---examines the Sumerian civilization (clay tablets) and possible extraterrestrials
---talks about the origin of the Earth and Man.

2) Lawrence Gardner: The Genesis of The Grail Kings; The Bloodline of the Holy Grail.
---traces the Sumerians and Hebrews through Egyptian history.
---interesting information on the origins of Christianity
---discusses the Pauline Roman Catholic Church  vs. The Jesus Message of Service and the underground secret societies preserving the 'true' message.

3) Jim Marrs: Rule by Secrecy.
---demonstrates how the Global Power Elite, through secret societies and the Pauline Roman Church gained control and still maintains the ultimate world power.

4) The Urantia Book
offers a unified theory  or overall framework within which to understand the preceding and other books dealing with these issues; offers a new interpretation of just who Adam & Eve & Jesus are----the ultimate mind- expanding book!

Good luck in forming a local Big Picture Perspective Study Group!

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