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Dear Reader,
We are driven, individually and collectively, toward growth on a never-ending quest for meaning and love. To aid us on our journey(s), there exist multiple methods to facilitate all types of growth: spiritual, intellectual, psychological, emotional, physical. The
Growthworks catalog serves to inform you about the transforming and healing qualities of various alternative, experiential methodologies. We offer a description of each modality and suggest books which may stimulate you to experience each for yourself. Open yourself to these experiences! Everyone can add a new dimension to one’s inner realm, expanding awareness and consciousness. The more we personally grow, the more we have to offer to others, to the planet, and beyond.

With Blessings,
Kenneth Pollinger

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cannot accept legal responsibility for any problems arising out of these experiences, at The New Age Center or referred locations. Any person experiencing a health problem should first consult a physician.  Although therapeutic benefits may be derived from any or all of the “growth experiences” listed herein, be advised that no legal medical claims are made. The experiences are complementary to traditional and standard medical treatment.

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